BELOW DECK MED Why Lexi was finally fired

Steward Lexi Wilson has caused problems about the Lady Michelle on Season 6 of Below Deck: Mediterranean since the beginning of the season, but she was finally let go during episode 13 “A Hard Day’s Night” after a particularly bad night out with the rest of the crew. Of course, Lexi has taken to Instagram to clap back at the producers.

Captain Sandy yawn asked the crew members one by one what had happened the disastrous night before, and it everyone remembered Lexi telling Chef Mathew Shea that he “should’ve been aborted.” This statement affected Lloyd so much he started panicking and shaking.

Lexi also called Chef Mat the r-slur, and threatened to “smack” him. She ended up yelling at everyone seated at the table, who were already exhausted from a long day of hiking and drinking.

This wasn’t the first time Lexi has had antagonistic outbursts. She got in a fight with pretty much everyone on the boat at an individual level during a particularly chaotic night early in the season. One of her go-to insults is to call people “poor” and make fun of her perception of their social status.

After all the interviews with the crew, it seemed like this was the first time Captain Sandy had seen how deeply Lexi was affecting the fabric of the entire boat. She had previously dealt with Lexi’s issues by coaching Chief Stew Katie Flood to be a better leader and help Lexi become the best stew she could be.

During the interviews with Sandy over the night before Malia White said that it was Chef Mathew who first started the fight with Lexi, which corroborated what Lexi claimed, but Malia thought that it was Lexi who took it too far. Lexi even owned up to saying she wished Chef Mat had been aborted, but she just worded it differently. “I said your mom should not have brought you into this world,” Lexi said, as if that make what she said any better. She also admitted that she told Mat she would “smack him,” but claims she didn’t mean it.

All the information from the crew led Sandy to believe that Lexi’s behavior was the core issues, and Chef Mat had just “poked the bear.”

Captain Sandy started the firing conversation by letting Lexi know she thought she was a “terrific human being.” She explained that however, she didn’t go out and drink with her, or experience these fights with her.

“Considering how it’s permeated the entire boat, threatening people, saying the things that you say,” Captain Sandy says. “People just can’t get around it, the many outweigh the one. And I have to make a hard decision, and it’s not easy for me. I have to let you go.”

Lexi agreed that it would be “weird staying” at this point, but claimed it was because she didn’t fit in the “gel” of the rest of the crew. Sandy followed up with suggesting that maybe the issue was a bit more than that.

“When you get in people’s facing physically,” Sandy said. “Especially in a work place, that will never work for you. That’s something to take a hard look at.”

Lexi, who has previously argued that she deserves more money for the season because of her role as the center of the drama (which she appears to be instigating,) took to Instagram to speak out again about the show’s producers and editors: “These people are the worst in life! That episode is completely edited down and the stories are unrelated to the argument.” “And the nerve of you to message me talking about how you treated me fairly #nadinerajabi when you allowed this to happen.”

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