BELOW DECK Camille Lamb responds to Alissa drama, her own attitude, and St. Lucia beach quality in Q&A

Below Deck stew Camille Lamb interview addresses drama with Alissa

Below Deck Season 10 deck stew Camille Lamb has been a lightening rod for controversy this season — both on screen and off. Soon after this week’s episode aired, the 24-year-old former American Idol contestant took to Instagram for a question and answer session with her fans in which she addressed a lot of the Below Deck drama, as well as the yachting industry in general.

The Q&A session was in the form of a series of stories in which Camille filmed herself answering previously submitted questions. The stories aren’t embeddable, so I’ve transcribed most of them for you below.

QUESTION: Do you feel like the show represented your conflicts with Alissa fairly?
CAMILLE: Before I start this, I know I’m going to get so much slack for “being the victim.” I’m not the victim. I’m going to call it how I see it. I have an attitude to someone who speaks down to me every time they speak to me. It gets old.
CAMILLE: [Answering the same question again] Yes, because they go down how you see them. No, because I think there’s a lot more context you don’t see. Yes, my attitude does get really old, and it’s, like, annoying to see me have an attitude all the time, although she never spoke to me correctly. Never.

QUESTION: Love your character redemption arc that producers are pushing. 😂🥴❤️
CAMILLE: This is really funny to me because it’s funny that somebody noticed this because all day — I remember this day and I was, like, “Whoa! What?” People would walk by me, like, “Good job, Camille!” And Captain Sandy would be, like, “Thumbs up!” And I’m, like, “I think I’m getting the gold star! Like a kindergartener!”

QUESTION: Would you change anything if you could, or is it one of those it is what it is moments?
CAMILLE: [With “IYKYK”] I would not have put Tony in that situation. I was extremely wasted on tequila, and, um, yeah. Mistake.

QUESTION: Most crew at one point talks about your laziness and attitude. Do you agree now?
CAMILLE: The attitude? Yeah, I could have dialed it back a bit. I’m very passionate, so sometimes my delivery is extremely emotionally charged. The laziness part? Uh, I was working! I was working just like everybody else, so…

CAMILLE: I mean, here’s another thing. It’s like, when Alissa was talking to Captain Sandy, crying about my attitude, she said, “It’s not really the work ethic.” So, I guess she thinks I work hard. “It’s more the attitude.” So, what is it? What is it?

QUESTION: Why can’t you take accountability for your actions. Everything Alissa said was right.
CAMILLE: I have no problem doing this, so let’s get to it. I’ve got a poor attitude towards Alissa, I’m a bit snarky, I’m quick to talk back, I’m not as eager as everyone else to be there, I am slower than the average [???] it seems. [laughs]

QUESTION: Is it easy to get a job being green in the yachting industry?
CAMILLE: I wouldn’t say it’s, like, easy, you know? It’s not like you find these jobs on Indeed. I mean, you have to be motivated to, like, figure it all out and have the right certificates. But there’s plenty of people in the industry that would be happy to teach you, and take you on as a greenie. So, yeah.

QUESTION: Why do you have issues? You were acting crazy.
CAMILLE: Attention deficit hyperactive disorder, anxiety and depression. But don’t worry — I’m medicated.

QUESTION: Do you think that beach spot was the best spot available?
CAMILLE: One hundred percent I have Sandy’s back on this. St. Lucia really did not have nice beaches. They have a lot of, like, waterfalls and rivers that empty out into the ocean, and salt water and fresh water make not the best water.

QUESTION: Because Sandy said “no one’s around” but there was a lot of people around.
CAMILLE: I’m going to take it back. It’s not that their beaches weren’t nice, they were just not like Bora Bora. I mean, they were absolutely gorgeous in their own way, but yeah, when she saw the beach there was nobody there. But, when we got there it was like a rundown campground party vibes.

QUESTION: How much does Below Deck truly represent the yachting industry?
CAMILLE: I think it probably represents the megayacht charter world to an extent, but it doesn’t represent my world at all. I work on sports fishers, private vessels, smaller vessels, day charters. Forget the drama!

What do you think? Was Camille’s on-screen attitude a reaction to Alissa talking down to her? Or was Alissa talking down to Camille because of her attitude (and work ethic)? And do you think Camille will make it through the remainder of the charter season?

UPDATE – Camille shared an Instagram story message addressing her “Captain Sandy Sue Sue” comment:

Below Deck Camille Lamb Captain Sandy Sue Sue

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