BELOW DECK What is Kat Held doing now?

Below Deck alum Kat Held caused quite a stir when she appeared on Seasons 1 & 2 of the popular Bravo show. She was caught drinking during the charter, clandestinely hooked up with Chef Ben Robinson, and had some beef from the past dredged up with fellow stew Amy Johnson. Is Kat still in the yachting industry? What is she doing now?

Kat hasn’t gone back to yachting since she wrapped Season 2 of Below Deck. She had been in the yachting industry for six years and was 30-years-old, so she decided to leave for something new. Kat went back to her home state of Rhode Island and was a server for a while. In 2017, she went to nursing school. k gave up yachting and moved home to Rhode Island, where she took up waitressing jobs. Since then, Kat hasn’t updated her social media very much, but she did appear on the Below Deck 100th episode celebration on January 6, 2020.

Kat’s last Instagram post was October 2020, where she showed off the dirty Converse sneakers she wore tending bar at an outdoor biker bar that summer. She hasn’t made any more updates about nursing school, or really much else about her life, which is understandable because her Instagram comment section is filled with negative comments about the drama she was involved in with Below Deck.

Drama between Kat and Amy in Season 2

When Kat showed up for Below Deck Season 2, she found out that stew Amy Johnson wasn’t happy with her. The women had worked together on a boat several years prior, and Kat said she didn’t know why she and Amy weren’t cool anymore.

She, and everyone else, found out later in the season when former Chief Stew Adrienne Gang showed up as a guest of a guest. Adrienne spilled the tea about Kat: she had hooked up with a guy Amy had a crush on while Amy was knocked out from having her wisdom teeth out. Amy walked in on Kat getting with her crush and felt betrayed. Kat says she was too drunk to remember any of this.

After the secret was out, discord broke out on the boat. Kat vented to Kate about the issue, which made Amy feel ostracized; Kat got mad when Ben, who had hooked with her earlier in the season, wouldn’t commiserate with her about Amy; and their bunk situation had to be rearranged because Amy and Kat were roommates before the drama broke out.

On a side note, this episode included the best line by Captain Lee, who was annoyed by how drunk and rowdy the guests who brought Adrienne back aboard were acting during the charter: “I’d rather drag my dick through 10 miles of broken whiskey bottles than have these assholes on my boat again.”

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