BELOW DECK MED Lexi Wilson wants a raise because she says the season’s storyline is about her

Lexi Wilson has come out as the villain for Season 6 of Below Deck: Mediterranean, and she thinks she deserves a higher pay grade for providing the storylines and drama.

So far this season Lexi may have set a record for the most conflicts with the most people while also slacking off on a lot of stew duties, especially if it has to do with cleaning. From what we’re shown, though, Lexi is great with the guests. She is attentive to serving them and has never snapped at them. Her fellow crew members is a far different matter.

Lexi even has a burn list of people she has a vendetta against, and it would be no surprise if she’s now added everyone on the boat and the production of Below Deck Med onto the list.

In some recent Instagram stories, Lexi did a Q & A. One of the questions asked her “What has it been like for you since the start of the show?”

Lexi replied that she’s been trying to find out why she’s gotten such a bad edit. She says there is more footage that would paint her in a better light and give her behavior more context.

She says she’s been spending her time “asking people in charge questions on why they chose to leave out clips that would have give[sic] the full picture or proper context, but I got the textbook (liar emoji) explanation that it wasn’t up to them and that it’s a completely different set of people who deals with edits and blah blah blah blah and (three upside down emojis.)”

Now, she’s not looking for answers anymore, but she wants a pay increase. “I just want a raise now that the ENTIRE STORY LINE was about me, all the engagement from viewers are because of me and I would like an increase in pay.”

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