BELOW DECK Do Fraser or Alissa get fired or quit this season? SPOILER

Below Deck Do Alissa Humber or Fraser Olender get fired or quit this season?

It is revealed in the preview trailer for the second half of Below Deck Season 10 that there will be a new addition to the crew with chief stew experience (and experience with Ben). Disappointingly, the trailer doesn’t reveal who the new stew will be replacing.

Recent episodes, combined with scenes from the trailer, would strongly suggest that it will be chief stew Fraser who leaves M/Y St. David before the charter season ends due to his conflicts with Captain Sandy.

However, there have been previous reports online that claim it is Alissa who departs early. Those reports suggested that Alissa quits and isn’t fired. (I should point out that the reports of Alissa departing early were paired with the reports of Camille being fired, the latter of which turned out to be accurate.)

So who is the new stew replacing? Is Fraser leaving, or is Alissa leaving?

Below Deck Season 10 spoilers

In case you missed it, the new member of the interior is stew Leigh-Ann Smith. She can be clearly seen in the preview trailer. (More on that in a second!)

Next, let’s take a peek the official synapses for the next three episodes of Below Deck:

Below Deck Season 10, Episode 12
“The Fish Stinks From the Head”

Tension continues to mount between Captain Sandy and Fraser; Alissa tempts Ross; crew gossip reaches an all-time high; Captain Sandy takes the crew to the beach for team building; Fraser feels slighted by Captain Sandy.

Below Deck Season 10, Episode 13
“Another One Bites The Dust”

Captain Sandy lets go of an integral member of the crew; one guest takes her requests to the limits, pushing Chef Rachel to wit’s end; windy weather ruins excursion plans; Captain Lee shares big news with Captain Sandy.

Below Deck Season 10, Episode 14
“Big Deck Energy”

Chef Rachel delivers a dinner to remember; the crew throws the pageant queen guests a 1980s party; guest LaQuish continues to annoy the interior team; Tony takes issue with Katie; Ross is forced to reprimand his boat crush.

The synapses continue to push the narrative about Captain Sandy being extremely displeased with Fraser’s performance. It also states that Captain Sandy “lets go of an integral member of the crew.”

The language suggests that the crew member was fired, but “lets go” of could also mean the crew member quit. “Integral member of the crew” certainly seems to hint at it being a department head, but once again, any crew member could be called “integral.”

Surprisingly, the answer to whether it is Fraser or Alissa who leaves is answered in the trailer! I mentioned above that new stew Leigh-Ann Smith can be spotted in the video. In the scene screen capped for our post about her addition, she is seen sitting beside Ben during a tip meeting with Captain Lee.

However, in another scene, you can see Leigh-Ann very briefly standing beside Hayley and… FRASER!

Below Deck Fraser not fired

It’s not too difficult to logically conclude that Leigh-Ann replaced Alissa. Given that Leigh-Ann is wearing interior epaulettes, the only other possibility would be that she replaced Tyler — which seems extremely unlikely.

That leaves just one burning question… Was Alissa fired, or did she quit? We will likely have to keep tuning in to find out the answer to that one! New episodes of Below Deck air Monday nights at 8/7c on Bravo.

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