BELOW DECK SY Are Adam and Jenna still together?

Sparks flew immediately during the first season of Below Deck: Sailing Yacht between Chief Stew Jenna MacGillivray. Adam is definitely no stranger to dramatic boatmances: in Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 2 he was caught in a love trianglew with Malia White, who was green at the time, and bosun Wes Walton. It wasn’t long before Adam and Jenna were hooking up because of the intense “Shmexual shmention,” but did their hot boatmance last after the charter season was over?

Unfortunately, no. They seemed to have parted ways pretty quickly despite their intense connection on the boat. Part of the allure of the Below Deck franchises it that people find themselves in a unique situation that’s great for brewing short-term romance, but not so great for lifelong love. They’re caught up in a bubble for a short period of time, but after the boat docks for the last time they have to figure out how their lives fit together off the boat, and it usually doesn’t work out.

In an Instgram Q & A that occured in 2020, Jenna confirmed that the relationship with Adam was over, and that she was seeing someone new. “The path was cleared for me to be my normal stoked self and find someone that shares my values,” she said when someone asked her about her relationship status with Adam.

Chef Adam is currently traveling around the U.S. in his van and doing teaching and catering gigs. His Instagram indicates no love life: it’s full of picturesque outdoor living, food, and his dog.

Jenna is also cagey about her love live About a week ago she posted a photo of herself and man that included a cheeky caption explaining that he was just a friend and she prefers to keep her romantic interests private.

Despite the fact that Adam rejected Jenna’s advances in the hot tub during their first night off, Jenna and Adam were definitely getting close by episode 5. Adam openly flirted with Jenna, but still kept her at arm’s length for a while. At the end of episode 7, Jenna suggested that they get a hotel room together for one of their off nights, but Adam told her he didn’t think that was a good idea. He had been burned with his experience with Malia, and although he was really attracted to Jenna, he feared what would happen if their relationship imploded on the boat.

After Adam turned down the hotel room, Jenna confronted him at the group dinner at a restaurant. She told him that she was feeling “super vulnerable” and didn’t want to force him to “f**k” her. “Okay, then we won’t f**k,” Adam replied. Jenna was frustrated because she felt like Adam was being hot and cold with her since day one.

Jenna felt rejected by Adam that night and burst into tears on their walk back to the boat. Adam proclaimed that he didn’t “want to go in a f****** room and f*** right now.”

When Adam went to talk to her, she claimed she wasn’t upset because he didn’t want to sleep with her, but wanted him to let her in emotionally instead of always living alone in a van and “hating people.”

“The level of emotion was too high for the circumstance,” Adam commented about Jenna’s emotional outburst.

Later, however, Adam hugged Jenna and explained that he gets scared when things get too serious. “I just don’t want to show my vulnerabilities,” he said. “But at some point, I need to give it a shot,” Adam told her that he had never cooked better than when she is around, but said that he thought they should not sleep together while they’re on the boat.

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