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JERSEY SHORE Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley update on son Greyson, wants to fight stigma against autism spectrum and developmental delays

Monday Jenni "JWOWW" Farley posted a YouTube update about her two-year-old Greyson Valor, who is currently developmentally delayed with speech and undergoing therapy. In the video Jenni talks about how she used to regularly share "Greyson updates" on her channel but stopped once it became clear he wasn't reaching developmental milestones at the expected rate. She gave no diagnoses of Greyson, but he might be too young for doctors to label what's happening with him. The main purpose of her video was to connect with other families of children with developmental delays or who are on the autism spectrum, fight stigma, and spread information.

Jersey Shore: Are Ronnie and Jen still together after explosive fight and talk of custody battles ?

Last week’s episode of Jersey Shore ended with Ronnie opening up to his castmates about his troubled relationship with his baby’s mother Jen Harley. He broke down in tears as he revealed that he felt she may keep him from seeing his daughter. The situation ends with a brutal confrontation between the two of them. Are they still together after such intense drama?

Pink’s 1-year-old son Jameson is suffering from hand, foot, and mouth disease while she’s on tour

Pink currently on a global "Beautiful Trauma" tour with her husband Carey Hart and kids Willow (7,) and Jameson (1.) Carey revealed on Instagram that both of the kids are sick, and Jameson is suffering from "hand, foot, and mouth disease." Willow has a fever, and Jameson is has a contagious illness young children can be prone to contract that's charities by rashes appearing on the hands, feet (and legs in Jameson's case,) and mouth.

Morgan Beck Miller shares heartbreaking last moments of baby daughter’s life to highlight drowning awareness

American World Cup alpine ski racer Bode Miller and professional volleyball player wife Morgan Beck Miller tragically lost their toddler daughter Emeline "Emmy" Miller to an accidental drowning death this June. Today Morgan shared a heartbreaking photo of their daughter's last moments in the hospital to remember their daughter and raise awareness of the dangers of small children and pools. The scenario that happened to the Miller's is unimaginably tragic and happened during a normal, fun-filled day.

Beyonce gets real about motherhood and her changing body after difficult pregnancy with twins

Beyonce gave a pretty candid interview in the 2018 Vogue September issue. One of the major topics of discussion was how she’s dealt with motherhood’s demands on her body. The 36-year-old was incredibly demanding on herself around the time Blue Ivy was born, but found herself more forgiving on how the body can change during her life-threatening pregnancy with twins Rumi and Sir.

8-year-old died after thinking dad’s meth was breakfast cereal and father refused to call 911

On the morning of June 21, 2018 8-year-old Curtis Gilbert Collman III was hungry for breakfast, but there was no food in the house. He did search for it, however, and instead found granules of meth on the table, which he thought might be breakfast cereal. The amount of meth the boy ate was staggering and he soon fell ill.

Why Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have kids

Jennifer Aniston’s personal life has been one of celebridom's most scrutinized over the past few decades. After Jennifer's ex-husband Brad Pitt cheated with Angelina Jolie, Jennifer's story reached mythic proportions, told and retold again and again by tabloids and websites. An offshoot of the main story of Jennifer as “jilted wife” is sensational speculation over the fact that the now 49-year-old actress has never had kids. Many have speculated that Jennifer is probably devastated by not being a mom; but, in a new interview with InStyle, Jennifer says the gap between “reckless assumptions” and her reality is quite large.

Kylie Jenner (sort-of) explains the reason she named her baby girl ‘Stormi’ ⛈?

Celebrities often grace their newborns with out-of-the-box names that leave the rest of us hungry for answers. Kylie Jenner has now revealed why she named her baby girl "Stormi": she explained that she has no idea why. In fact, Kylie herself says she would have liked a different name better. ?

Blac Chyna mired in controversy over photo of baby daughter Dream in pink hair clips

Blac Chyna took to Instagram to share a cute photo of her one-year-old daughter Dream sporting a pair of pink hair clips. But Blac's post met with such a wave of criticism that she took the photo down. Blac has previously sported pink hair -- which it turns out is one reason why many had a problem with Dream's hair clips.