This car crash story involves meth, urine, prosthetic breasts, no pants, and two young kids

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Meth is a crazy drug, kids. Washington state resident Jonathan Harty, 31, was in tears Friday in court as he faced sentencing for crashing his car high on meth while his two young daughters (4 and 6) were in the back seat.

He crashed into three cars, and according to the police report, he was sweating profusely and wearing no pants. He was, however, wearing prosthetic breasts and a woman’s shirt, and had a bottle of urine and ladies’ underwear at his feet. He told the police he was trying to take his daughters to The Dollar General to buy toys.

Harty was apologetic at the sentencing, but the judge handed down the maximum sentence, 29 months in jail. “I’d like to apologize to my family and my two daughters,” Jonathan Harty he said. “I don’t have any excuse for what I’ve done. There’s no excuse for it. I’ve made a life-altering decision for a lot of people by my selfish actions.” This was the father’s 3rd DUI arrest.

According to family members, the four-year-old is having terrible nightmares and refuses to go anywhere alone.

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