Dean Cain talks about the struggles of being a single, working dad


Actor Dean Cain has been raising his now 14-year-old son Christopher alone since 2011, after a long and difficult custody battle with his ex, Playboy playmate Samantha Torres.

“Stability-wise this is what’s best for him,” the former Superman says about the situation, but admits that it can be difficult for him to be a single parent to Christopher while spending time on sets. Cain works a lot, his IMDB profile is overflowing with projects.

Christpher’s mom Samantha now has three-year-old twins who keep her busy. “Christopher sees his mom as much as he wants. But she’s got her hands full, and he’s got a stable place with me,” Cain says about the situation. He also had a good relationship with Christpher’s half siblings, Elijah and Isabelle, and even takes care of them once a week.

Like many single moms out there will attest, being a single parent with full custody makes it difficult to get out on the dating scene. “It’s hard because my friends are all going out,” he says, but he thinks waiting to find the right relationship will give him an advantage in the end. “My standards have changed. Life is through a much clearer lens now. Whoever I fall for, my son has to sign off. But I’d love to meet the right person and get married.”

“All I want,” his son Christopher says, “is that my dad can enjoy life and just have peace.”

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