PHOTOS Woman declines to do pregnancy photo shoot, so her husband hilariously fills in

Man Pregnancy Photoshoot 1

An Austin man respected his pregnant wife’s decision when she said she didn’t want to do an expectant mother photoshoot… But still found a creative way to document the time in their lives.

“My wife didn’t want to take maternity pictures, so I hired a photographer and took her place,” he said of the amusing gallery, which he shared on imgur.

Man Pregnancy Photoshoot 3

The expectant father replicated some classic maternity photos, such as the introspective black and white shot and the heart over the belly pose. In some other images, he took a bit more creative license…

Man Pregnancy Photoshoot 2

He even got the photographer to combine two picture to make it look like he was kissing his own “baby bump.”

Man Pregnancy Photoshoot 4

No word on how the man’s wife feels about it all, but the rest of Reddit seems to approve. See the complete gallery on imgur.

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