Dad nails it in spoof of son’s Facebook profile photo selfie


Josh Anderson, 20, recently posted a selfie as his Facebook profile photo and the image inspired his father in a very special, and pretty darn funny, way.

Poppa Peri decided he would recreate the image along with his wife Deborah, Josh’s step-mom, right down to Josh’s lady friend’s flower tattoo. The great side-by-side was shared to Imgur and then Reddit – after which it started making some serious internet rounds.

The Huffington Post reached out to the pranking poppa and he had this to say about the mock-up of his son:

“Both [Josh] and Sammy thought it was very funny, and they didn’t have any reason to be mad or upset as they know my sense of humor and knew that it was done in a loving manner.”

Be warned social media selfie sharing youth of the world – something tells me this is gonna become a trend!

You can click on the image for a full page view.

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