Snooki says pregnancy was an accident, but not a mistake

Snooki - Baby Bumps Book - Ridgewood NJ

In Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s latest book, Baby Bumps, the former Jersey Shore star opens up about her journey “from party girl to proud mama, and all the messy milestones along the way.” As is standard for the four-time author, Baby Bumps involves plenty of oversharing. This time, there are also refreshingly raw anecdotes about her pregnancy experience.

“They said my baby was going to have fetal alcohol syndrome and all this stuff,” Snooki told North Jersey of the criticism she received. “You don’t say that to someone. I knew that wasn’t me and I know that I’m a great mom.”

Eager to provide a non-medical guide for expectant mothers, Snooki began writing shortly after giving birth to son Lorenzo in August 2012.

“I’m very open and can talk about anything, I think that’s why people like me,” Snooki said of the book, which includes chapters on pregnancy gas and awkward baby registry items.

Snooki - Baby Bumps Book Signing

Some of Snooki’s most honest comments involve how she came to terms with her “accidental” pregnancy. As the Amazon synopsis says, “When she and her boyfriend, Jionni, found out she was knocked up, they weren’t married or engaged. She was only twenty-four and living with her parents—and she had zero baby experience. With a reckless, party girl TV persona to deal with, she had a lot to learn and discover in becoming a mother.”

By the time Lorenzo was born, Snooki was a thoroughly changed woman. Still, she knows he’ll eventually learn of her Jersey Shore past…

“He’ll just be like, ‘Really, Mom, you did that?’ And I’ll say, ‘Yep, those were the days!'”

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