Drew Barrymore doesn’t prioritize losing “baby weight”


Drew Barrymore says her life with husband Will Kopelman and two daughters Frankie (8 months) and Olive (20 is “the driving force behind how I live my life.” Family life is coming in top with how the actress prioritizes her time, with her acting, beauty line, and, especially, her weight loss coming in behind.

“The acting has to be less and less because it’s too time-consuming. I love it and I don’t want to abandon it, but it can’t be at the forefront right now,” she told People. She’s enjoying shifting her focus to her makeup line Flower Beuaty “because it allows [her] to be a great mom.”

There’s a lot of pressure for celebrity moms to “lose the baby weight” quickly, but Drew doesn’t see dropping pounds as a fast as possible as an important goal. “It took nine months to build. It should take nine months to get off,” she explains. “I wanted fettuccini alfredo. I didn’t want a barbell.”

“I was like, ‘Don’t talk to me about how fast and fabulous you are or it came off. That was not my experience. I’m having to work my ass off until I even think about getting it off.”

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