Dad hits teacher that sent daughter inappropriate texts with baseball bat


A Maryland father struck a high school teacher with a baseball bat after he and his wife discovered several inappropriate texts between the educator and their 15-year-old daughter.

The parents of the 15-year-old who attends Perry Hall High School in the Baltimore area called police after finding the messages. Police stated that these communications described “an emotional relationship that seemed inappropriate for a teacher and student,” but determined that no crime had been committed by the 42-year-old instructor.

According to police, The teacher showed up at the family’s home uninvited a few hours later “saying he wanted to talk.” Dad asked the teacher to leave but he refused those wishes. In response, the father whacked the teacher with a baseball bat.

The teacher sustained minor injuries but didn’t wish to press charges.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the Crimes Against Children Unit continues to investigate and the department said it won’t release the names of the girl and her parents.

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