Farrah Abraham’s Passy Perfume isn’t working with 4-year-old Sophia

Farrah Abraham Daughter Sophia

A photo posted by Farrah Abraham this weekend doesn’t do any marketing favors for her children’s book, Passy Perfume. Despite claiming she broke her daughter’s habit of sucking on a pacifier last year, the recent picture shows four-year-old Sophia is still attached to her “passy.” (Sophia was also seen using a pacifier in a recent keek video posted by Farrah in which mom had to pull the passy out so viewers could understand what Sophia was saying.)

The thing is, weaning children off their pacifiers is a relatively common struggle for parents. Most of them just don’t write books about their supposed success, only for the kids to regress into pacifier-sucking ways a few months later.

Here’s the tease from the back of Passy Perfume: “Farrah has struggled with Sophia for two years back and forth through her baby and toddler stages trying to break the bad habit of the pacifier, through crying, bribery, and exhaustion. Farrah finally won with promising Sophia one thing, her very own Passy Perfume, something that is timeless and has no bad consequences like crooked teeth!”

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As Farrah’s own book mentioned, there are some potentially negative consequences for children who don’t give up their pacifiers. Although there are benefits to pacifier use for babies, the advantages are outnumbered by the disadvantages after the first year or so.

One of the biggest concerns with long-term pacifier use is malocclusion, or the misalignment of teeth.

“The most significant malocclusions occurred in children who continued sucking habits beyond 48 months, but there were notable changes in children who continued beyond 24 months,” reported Dr. Sumi Sexton and Dr. Ruby Natalie for American Family Physician. “A more recent study confirms these negative dental effects with pacifier use after two years of age.”

Another potential issue is that the pacifier may hinder children’s speech development. One 2010 study for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association found prolonged pacifier use affects articulation skills. Based on a Keek video Farrah posted last week where Sophia was sucking on the pacifier while talking, that does seem to be a bit of a battle for the young mom!

So, it’s not that we want to interfere with the decisions any mother makes… But, we might suggest Farrah pick dig out her copy of Passy Perfume for Sophia’s bedtime story tonight.

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