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A brief history of celebrities saying fame is ‘like rape’

Candace Cameron is the latest celebrity to create some controversy for saying something is "like rape." Although the only thing that is truly "like rape" is rape, it seems celebrities just can't stop comparing their first-world problems to the heinous act. Take a look back at the troubling trend and see what various people have said is "like rape."

Charlize Theron uses the Sony hack to close the Hollywood pay gap

The Sony leaks, which exposed some of the pettiness of Hollywood (as well as what a nice guy Channing Tatum is,) and cost a lot of people a lot of money and dignity, is now leading to some good. The leaks revealed that the Oscar winning actress was set to receive $10 million less than her male co-star Chris Hemsworth for The Huntsman. According to Page Six was able to leverage the public knowledge of that gap to get equal pay for the film, setting an important precedent.