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Jenelle sets fire to Kail’s Pothead ‘peace gathering,’ David calls FBI, CIA, Secret Service idiots, etc.

In the latest chapter of Life on The Land, Jenelle Eason sets fire to the Pothead Haircare gift set that her co-star Kail Lowry sent as a "peace gathering," and David Eason goes off on the F.B.I., C.I.A., and the Secret Service suggesting that they are all idiots and should have stayed in school.

Jenelle Eason clarifies David’s domestic violence past, both respond to his sister Jessica’s comments

Teen Mom 2 couple Jenelle and David Eason continue to respond to the fallout after David's headline-grabbing series of videos showing off his weapon and ammunition arsenal after the Secret Service paid a visit to The Land on Friday. Jenelle took to Instagram to respond to our coverage of the incident -- specifically David's history of domestic violence and how that might impact his legal right to own firearms. And David, who appears to still be blocked from Instagram, took to Facebook to respond to his sister Jessica's comments about his antics.

David Eason stabs himself playing knife game, retracts anti-authority threats after being blocked from Instagram

Former Teen Mom 2 dad David Eason continues to send mixed messages, this time by announcing during a Facebook live video that he isn't actually an idiot just after stabbing his finger playing the knife game. In addition to assuring everyone how stupid he isn't, David also did some MAJOR backtracking on some of his previous statements and threats as he affirmed his continued support for Donald Trump and stated that the authorities are always welcome on The Land.

David Eason’s sister Jessica says he ‘has lost his mind and his heart’ and Jenelle ‘loves this garbage as much as he does’

It's been a little over 24 hours since former Teen Mom 2 dad David Eason claimed to have run the Secret Service off The Land before showing off his sizable arsenal of weapons and ammunition -- which he reportedly keeps in the house with their children. Among the many people expressing shock and concern over David's antics is his estranged sister Jessica, who took to Twitter to share her thoughts on David's meltdown, and to scoff at those concerned for Jenelle's well being.

Secret Service visits David Eason after gun video tagging Trump, David shows off arsenal, says he will shoot next time

Teen Mom 2 dad David Eason may not be wearing any more MAGA hats any time soon as he reveals that the Secret Service paid a visit to The Land after David posted a video of himself shooting an automatic rifle on Instagram and used the #Trump hash tag. David posted a series of furious videos in which he declared that he will shoot anyone else that comes on his property without a warrant, and he shows off his disturbing arsenal of weapons and ammunition.

PatPat ends Jenelle Eason collaboration, Jenelle calls them a ‘cheap ass company’ who ‘flip’ clothes from Korea

Controversial Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason continues to struggle to maintain business partnerships and sponsorships, and the latest casualty is the clothing brand PatPat. Less than a week after Jenelle posted her first collaborative video reviewing the company's clothes, PatPat has announced that due to the backlash and angry responses from the brand's fans, they have ended their relationship with Jenelle. Of course, Jenelle is as Jenelle does, and she immediately took to Instagram to trash PatPat by calling them a "cheap ass company" that "flips" clothes from other brands in places like Korea.

TEEN MOM 2 Jenelle Eason and mom Barbara Evans do yoga together, The Land may expand to other states

While Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason seems to be more and more isolated from her friends and family after moving to The Land with husband David Eason, there is one relationship that seems to be going surprisingly well -- the one with her mother Barbara Evans. Plus, in an Instagram Q&A session, Jenelle reveals that her cross country trip with David has them contemplating expanding The Land to other states.

REPORT David ‘Honest Abe’ Eason is a misunderstood victim of domestic violence

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason’s husband David Eason has certainly been receiving his fair share of bad press over the past couple of years, but could it be that painting David as an abusive backwoods homophobe is just fake news? A new report suggests that we may not be seeing the true side of David — an alleged victim of domestic violence whom his high school friends called “Honest Abe.”

Jenelle Eason explains unplanned cross country road trip, why she may not be able to fly ever again

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason explains why she and husband David Eason took an unplanned cross-country road trip after flying out to Californian on a business trip more than a week ago. The explanation comes after the internet put together their own theories, most of which involve Jenelle and David driving back with drugs acquired while in California.

David Eason goes after Randy Houska on Instagram in threatening videos

Jenelle Eason's husband David Eason is on the offensive today! Hours after he attacked Kail Lowry, her mom, and Lux's dad Chris Lopez in a series of comments on Kail's Instagram photo, David shared a string of disturbing videos calling out Chelsea Houska's dad Randy Houska, including and offer to re-align Randy's jaw.