Courtland Rogers opens up about drug addiction, rehab stints

Courtland Rogers and his 'Teen Mom 2' wife Jenelle Evans

Rumors have been flying about Jenelle Evans’ husband Courtland Rogers since the two started dating. From accusations of heroin use to a video leak detailing his Xanax use, things haven’t been easy for Courtland since he became “almost famous” (like his super cool back tat). But now, Courtland is taking matters into his own hands and detailing his addiction issues and his stints in rehab.

“I am not perfect, but I’m working really hard now to live a good sober life for Jenelle and for my daughter,” Courtland tells Radar Online. While Courtland may be on the right track now, things haven’t been easy for him and it all started with a near fatal car accident.

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans' husband Courtland Rogers

“I was 15, and I got in a car wreck, and I messed up my hip, and the doctors put me on prescription pills, and I started abusing them.” Courtland’s mom had previously talked to press about the accident, explaining that he had been prescribed Oxycodin after suffering from a broken pelvis and crushed foot.

“I figured out you could get high from the pills, and I abused them for five years, until I was 20.” Courtland recalls first entering rehab when he was 19 where he tried to kick his drug habit, but had no luck. “It is hard, I did rehab, and then I had to go again a few years later. It is hard, but I did it a second time.” The second time, Courtland admits, was court ordered.

“I’ve sobered up now, and I want to do right for Jenelle. I am a great guy with a good heart!”

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