Farrah Abraham issues statement about Jenelle Evans, Jenelle responds

Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans feud

Fresh on the heels of inking a six-figure deal for her professionally shot private leaked intentional sex tape porno, former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham rode her high horse right on over to Radar Online (virtually) and gave them a lengthy statement about fellow MTV reality star, Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans, insisting that Jenelle needs to quit “stalking my every move in my personal life” and “focus on making her marriage better, sorting out her drug addiction and helping her wonderful son that needs her in his life.”

The diatribe, which was surprisingly not written in Farrah’s usual surreal style (perhaps that sex tape money went to a publicist?), was essentially in response to a single video posted by Jenelle on Keek in which Jenelle says she is “annoyed as f***” by Farrah, though she never mentions her by name. Jenelle makes fun of a few videos posted by Farrah, including the infamous clip Farrah posted while driving with Sophia.

Due to the explicit language in the video, we’ll just give you a transcript of what was said.

Jenelle Evans Keek video about Farrah Abraham

“I am so sorry, but one thing in particular is really annoying the sh!t out of me,” Jenelle states at the beginning of the clip. “Who do I sound like?” she adds, giggling. “Keek if you’re driving! Keek if you’re cleaning! Keek if you got a DUI! Keek if this, keek if that! Keek Keek Keek Keek Keek! God, it’s just annoying me. You could probably guess who I’m talking about. And, that’s how I feel about it: annoyed as f***.”

And here is Farrah Abraham’s statement about Jenelle in its entirety:

It was brought to my attention that another Teen Mom, Jenelle Evens, seems to be stalking my every move in my personal life.

She seems to be following in my footsteps with everything from my Keek videos, my plastic surgeries and my unfortunate personal legal issues that I’m dealing with at this time. I have nothing negative to say in response to her continuous and horrible comments about me. Whatever she says is her opinion.

One thing I do have to say is, if she doesn’t like me, why are you looking and tracking everything I do?

I personally have never had interest in her life as she seems to continuously not care about her son or herself. The drugs and bad relationships with men are not good.

From one helpful and concerned Teen Mom to another Teen Mom, who is clearly struggling, I think it is in your best interest to detract from spouting jealous attacks towards myself and other successful, positive and great mothers and to focus on making her marriage better, sorting out her drug addiction and helping her wonderful son that needs her in his life.

Jenelle has all the potential to turn her negatives in to a positive like I have.

I wish Jenelle all the best in her future no matter what she decides to do. If she is happy the way she is, then that is her choice. But I will not be paying attention to her self destruction.

I will continue to stay focused on improving my family relationships, my career and my future goals with completing my masters degree and providing a wonderful life for my beautiful daughter.

God bless, Farrah Abraham.

Jenelle took to Twitter to issue her response, writing “dude she’s dumb. I made one keek video about her and now she thinks I’m obsessed?” She then added, “the tweet I posted yesterday about a ‘sex tape’ was not about YOU farrah….”

It should be interesting to keep track of this feud to see if it escalates further, because we all know what the inevitable result will be. Yes, the unfortunate granny vs. granny showdown of the century: Babs vs. Debs!

Jenelle Evan's mother Barbara Evans and Farrah Abraham's mother Debra Danielsen