Courtland Rogers talks about his arrest, marriage, and reveals new details about Jenelle’s rehab stint

Jenelle Evans husband Courtland Rogers

Earlier this week Jenelle Evans’ husband Courtland Rogers was still making the best of a bad situation as he eluded police while driving all over the United States, always sure to update fans and haters alike through one of his favorite new addictions, Twitter. In addition to getting into virtual skirmishes with Jenelle’s ex Gary Head (and Jenelle herself), Courtland used the social media site to pitch a little woo at OK! magazine with some direct messages that OK! later published on their site:

Corutland Rogers Twitter direct messages with OK magazine

Courtland’s Twitter account, which had accumulated over 60,000 followers, has since been deleted, leaving him with no outlet to get his side of the story out to the peeps of Courtlandia. Thankfully, it seems Courtland’s virtual woo worked, because the 27-year-old gave a rather lengthy interview to OK! today in which he talks about all his recent arrests, where his marriage with Jenelle Evans stands, her stint in rehab, and what his future holds.

Regarding his arrest earlier this week, Courtland explains, “It was assault charges on a female from Jenelle when she was on drugs, when Gary talked her into taking these charges out on me. These false charges.” In the recently-released warrants from Courtland’s arrests, his four alleged assaults on Jenelle were described in detail. The accusations included hair pulling and punching, and back in November Courtland even reportedly smashed her head into the wall.

Despite the gruesome details, Courtland claims he will be deemed innocent and he has a couple of eyewitnesses who will testify for him if need me. “My sisters were there and they can all take lie detector tests, go to court, jury, whatever. We know I’m ok because I didn’t do it. It’s just Gary talked her into it and she was high at the time and now she regrets it and she wants me back. But I don’t want that right now.”

It’s a little surprising to hear that Courtland doesn’t want to be with Jenelle given that he was tweeting to a different as late as yesterday morning. “i miss u @PBandJenelley_1 please get straightened up so u can b the wife i said i DO to,” he wrote, and then added moments later, “i love my wife…waking up beside her every morning was like waking up every morning on christmas :(”

Courtland Rogers and 'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans

One thing that is consistent with Courtland’s recent tweets is his constant communication with Jenelle in rehab. “We don’t talk about our relationship, we talk about Jace, we talk about her making it through this. That she can do it. We talk about positive stuff and how good it feels to be able to wake up and not take a pill to survive. That’s what we talk about.” Previously, Courtland had claimed that he was one of two calls Jenelle has been making daily. The other goes to Jace.

“Now when she gets out we’ve discussed it, I’m going to meet up with her. I’m going to see Jace, because he’s kind of like my stepson,” Courtland states. “We’re going to go to the park and Jace is going to play and Jenelle and I are then in person going to talk about what we’re going to do about our marriage.”

Courtland also spoke on what led to the end of his and Jenelle’s marriage, and he’s blaming her drug use. “Drugs got bad on her half so she started getting bad. Her never feeling good, never leaving the room, always in the bed, always sleeping.”

“After all that episode, she ended up getting pregnant. Well she was pregnant while still using heroin and getting her scripts from her local doctor which consisted of 90 Percocet 10 and 90 Lorazepam which is better known as Ativan which she was still abusing. But because of the fact she was pregnant she actually did taper herself down a little. But when I say a little, to Jenelle Evans, excuse me Rogers, a little is really not that much but it was better. I’ve taken her bottles so many times and hid them. She hit me so many times for doing it. Last time she hit me 5 times with my own iPhone on the back of the head. So the drugs really destroyed our relationship.”

He seems pretty critical of Jenelle considering he doesn’t appear to have that much clean time under his belt (if any at all). Just last month, a video surfaced of his alleged drug use in which he was seen snorting a white substance. He claims it was baking soda. Plus, during those infamous Ustream videos, he never looked any more sober than she did.

Now that Jenelle is in rehab and he is out of jail, Courtland is setting his sights on the future. “I now do not have warrants, I can now go to get a job, I can now go see my daughter and be the dad I’ve wanted to be for 20 months. I can now see my mom and hug her. I can kiss my niece. I’m focusing on everything I need to and the 30 days she’s away, that gives me plenty of time to get that in order,” he explains.

This is the first time we are getting word of exactly how long Jenelle will be in treatment, and since she entered on March 2, we should see her back out in early April.

You can read the full Courtland Rogers interview over at!

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