Jenelle Evans out of the hospital – Did she have a miscarriage?

Jenelle Rogers Jenelle Evans with dark hair 2013

Fans of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans are holding their breath and saying prayers after the 21-year-old expecting mom was reportedly rushed to the hospital earlier this evening. The news broke on Jenelle’s official Facebook fan page where admin Kristin wrote:

Jenelle is hospital bound. Ill update you guys as soon as I hear something…. xoxo – Kris

Media outlets like Radar Online picked up on the message and immediately ran bold headlines like “Jenelle Evans Rushed To The Hospital, Miscarriage Scare” with little more to go on than the combination of Jenelle being pregnant and at the hospital.

About four hours ago, Kristin updated again:

Hey, everyone is asking about Jenelle, how she is doing and what she is in the Hospital for. Im not allowed to say anything about what she is in there for until she tells me to. She is still there though. Sorry :/ XoXo – Kris

Then, about an hour ago (9:45pm EST) Kristin wrote:

Jenelle’s conditions are not good, but cannot say more about what happened. Pray for her and the baby and also that certain people get what they deserve. She is very hurt and feels very betrayed. love you Jenelle ♥ XoXo- Kris

Since that time, Kristin has been tweeting a lot without revealing much more, including numerous retweets of people curious if Jenelle went to the hospital because Courtland hit her! That combined with numerous tweets comtaining “F*** Courtland” (including one retweeted y Jenelle) have many wondering if her hospital trip wasn’t the result of an altercation with her husband.

Eventually Kristin did confirm that Jenelle is still pregnant, or it least seems that she did:

Tweeter: you’re saying she(JE) is still pregnant?

Kristin: yes. The doctors never said anything

So it appears that she did not suffer a miscarriage, which is great news! That being said, the words “Jenelle’s conditions are not good” sound rather foreboding.

On a positive note, Jenelle’s ex Gary Head is currently on a live video chat and has said Jenelle still plans on coming to see him in the morning.

Stay tuned — we’ll update as soon as we know more.