Did MTV send Jenelle Evans to rehab for 30 days?

Jenelle Evans reportedly heads to rehab type facility in Florida

It has been a difficult few years for troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans as she has battled abusive relationships, drug addiction, surrendering custody of her son Jace, multiple arrests, a miscarriage, and an imminent divorce from husband Courtland Rogers. There was even some speculation recently in the media that the 21-year-old’s troubles might lead to MTV canceling the series after the current 4th season. Though there has been no official word on whether or not there will be a Teen Mom 2 Season 5, it does appear as though the network is concerned for Jenelle’s well being.

In a Twitter exchange with husband Courtland Rogers that we shared yesterday, he was talking about Jenelle when he wrote “she is going to rehab …for thirty days lol…u will see…i bet my life on it…”

That claim appears to be backed up by screen caps of an alleged Twitter direct message conversation between Jenelle’s ex (and rumored current love interest) Gary Head and a friend of Gary’s ex Jade. (I know, it’s complicated.) Gary apparently wanted to get back with Jade, but according to Jade’s friend she didn’t want anything to do with him if he was with Jenelle in any capacity.

“I can try,” Jade’s friend wrote in reference to talking to Jade about getting back with Gary, “but she isn’t going to give you any kind of chance when you’re living with JE, ‘dating’ JE and everything else.”

“Well JE is leaving for 30 days,” Gary responded. “That’s up to jade if she wants to come around. U can tell her that.”

“So MTV is making her leave for a month for rehab?” Jade’s friend asks.

“Not rehab. Just a support for this season,” Gary writes. He then adds, “It’s like a paid vacation.”

Alleged Gary Head Facebook conversation in which he says MTV is sending Jenelle Evans to a facility for 30 days

Gary offered up more information on Twitter today, writing to Jenelle, “@PBandJenelley_1 stay strong baby girl. You have to be one of the strongest women I know. You got this.” When someone asked “where’s jenelle?” Gary responded by tweeting, “taking care of herself to become a better person. She’s somewhere in Flordia [sic]”

UPDATE February 25 – Gary went on to say that Jenelle is definitely not currently on drugs, so she’s not getting drug rehab. She reportedly only there to get “emotional support.” Many rehab facilities also offer treatment for mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, which Jenelle has been diagnosed as having. He said the reason MTV sent her away was so she didn’t have to face some of the difficult things that will be aired on Season 4.

Here’s what Gary tweeted Sunday:

“Jenelle is NOT ON DRUGS. She got sent for emotional support because this season was so intense. MTV Does not want her to see this season and then relapse BC of all the stress. But I will say that Jenelle does not do drugs. I won’t allow that and he knows that if she ever goes back to drugs then she can have them. But she won’t have me. I won’t allow it.”

He then said that he smoked marijuana, but views it more of a medication: “I smoke weed. Take it how you want. Some say its drugs, some say weed isn’t a drug. I call it medication

UPDATE February 26 – Radar Online has a source telling them Jenelle is “seeking treatment for her drug addiction issues and related stresses stemming from her tumultuous last few months.” The source says Jenelle’s claims of being clean since finding out she was pregnant are not true. “She has been doing drugs, and she really wants to stop and live a clean life for herself and for her son Jace,” the source says.

The “rehab” stint was seemingly affirmed again by Courtland in his latest Twitter rant earlier today in which he wrote, “so [Jenelle] called me the other day and was like guess what there sending me away i was like wtf u talking about and she told me… she was like and its not gary or my mom..i was like what is it..and she said that MTV was sending her away.”

Courtland then added, “u begged for me to come see u one last time lmfao…said gary waited for u to fall asleep and went out and broke ur heart.” After that he went on an extended tirade accusing Jenelle of all sorts of things, including that she hit him with her car because she thought he cheated on her! (I’ve included all of Courtland’s tweets from today below.)

UPDATE – Courtland has since added, “@gary_head they sent her there so she wasnt around u watching these seasons coming up lol smh they will see”

Meanwhile, all is silent from Jenelle since her tweet and Facebook post last night which read, “Sooo tired just need sleeeeeeep. :(” Courtland responded to the Facebook post by writing, “lmfaoooooooooo” and then, “f**k her lol…she aint even in a drug rehab lol” and “let her lie some more lol.”

So everything seems to point to Jenelle being in some sort of facility in Florida, though not technically a “rehab” facility. I don’t think anyone would argue that this doesn’t seem like a good thing for her right now. It sounds so cliche, but she desperately needs to detox not only from whatever unprescribed substances she may be taking , but from all of the drama in her personal life.

Speaking of drama in her personal life, here are all of Courtland’s tweets, including one in which he says “tell ur boyfriend that i am coming to get my dog tomorrow for the day ;)” which would seem to imply that his multiple-state road trip may be nearing an end. (As you might have guessed, Gary was none too pleased with the tweet, and responded by writing, “@courtyb11 really bitch, you and what army? Suck a d*ck and sit your punk ass down before you get shot down #RobCo. #UKnow”)

Corutland Rogers tweets that MTV is sending Jenelle to rehab like facility for 30 days