Another Courtland Rogers mug shot photo

Courtland Rogers mugshot

We have another Courtland Rogers mug shot photo to add to our growing collection! So what new alleged unlawful act did the 27-year-old husband of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans do this time? The answer might surprise you!


Nothing new at least. His mug shot photo that circulated last week was from when he was booked in Brunswick County on March 6, but Courtland was actually arrested the day before (March 5) in Pender County, which is where the above booking photo was taken. Courtland spent the night there before being transferred to Brunswick County, which is where the warrants for his arrest were issued.

Pender County Sheriff Deputy Chester Ward described how they apprehended Courtland to E! News the day after:

“We had responded to a disturbance call but it didn’t have anything to do with him. He and some other people were there and we will check and run identification to make sure they don’t have any outstanding warrants and Mr. Rogers did,” Ward said. “He just happened to be at the residence,” Ward added. “We put him in our holding jail and processed him here and Brunswick County picked him up this morning.”

Though Courtland has a rather extensive criminal history, we only have three mug shot photos of him, including two for the same arrest last week. (The other is from his arrest as part of a drug raid/sting operation back in 2010.) Mr. Rogers has quite the ways to go to catch up with his wife! (I won’t even get into Kieffer, Gary, and all the different Brittanys involved in the infamous “Teen Mom Brawl!”)