Jenelle Evans on why she was in rehab, and if she’s single

Jenelle Evans reportedly heads to rehab type facility in Florida

Jenelle Evans is out of rehab and spending her days with her husband Courtland Rogers after splitting with her ex-fiance Gary Head last week. There are still a lot of questions surrounding why the Teen Mom 2 star was in rehab and why she went back to the man she claims assaulted her four times. Today, Jenelle addressed those questions on Sulia.

“Maybe instead of voicing what REALLY happened I’ll just stay silent because silence is golden. :] But I will let everyone know that I AM SINGLE and I AM NOT DATING ANYONE,” Jenelle revealed this morning on Sulia. “I’m focusing on myself and my son’s life, nobody else’s. This means taking baby steps at a time.”

Over the weekend, Jenelle shared several photos of herself with her son Jace but by Tuesday, she seemed to be back full-force with Courtland. Since then, they seem to have spent every waking hour together and several photos of them together have surfaced including one while they were at dinner and another while they were driving around town.

Jenelle Evans and fiance Courtland Rogers in her car

As for rehab, Jenelle says she “didn’t complete 30 days of rehab because for one I didn’t go to there detoxing off of ANYTHING and went there SOBER, second I went to a Florida rehab but transferred because it was a NIGHTMARE, lol long story.”

While Jenelle claims to have gone to rehab sober, her lawyer told E! News she was there to be treated for her drug addiction. “Jenelle is in a rehabilitation treatment facility in North Carolina to address any addiction issues for drug use,” he told them last week.

“Once transferring the new facility was very nice and nothing wrong with the staff or patients there,” Jenelle continued. “I simply feel as if I didn’t need to go to treatment if my problem isn’t drugs anymore, and never will be again. I need individual counseling and therapy if anything for being addicted to relationships. I can honestly admit this about myself and can’t seem to help it unless I continue to get the help I need through therapy.”

So what Jenelle is really addicted to is guys — and not very good ones at that. Hopefully she will get the treatment she needs to focus on the only man in her life that really matters, Jace.

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