Courtland Rogers responds to Jenelle Evans’ comments, divorce

Jenelle Evans husband Courtland Rogers

The ongoing online fallout between Teen mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans and husband Courtland Rogers continues, with the latest chapter being Courtland’s response to Jenelle saying she was filing for divorce “ASAP” and calling Courtland a “f***ing piece of sh*t” as well as a “horny nasty dog.”

Surprisingly, Courtland didn’t sell his comments to Radar Online this time around, opting instead to speak directly to his fans via Twitter. “I have never felt like this before in all my life!! 🙁 what do I doooo I need answers I need some friends to help get me threw this :(” he wrote yesterday, prior to news that Jenelle had to go to the hospital.

He returned to today, apparently tweeting from Michigan (although the tweets locate him in Cincinnati), to give an update:

I never did anything to hurt my wife I always loved her with every ounce of my heart 🙁 I can’t take life like this !

This hurts so bad goodbye twitter y’all will see the teuth

Wow I came to Michigan to see my best friends grave because I honestly don’t have much longer on this earth there are things I have to do

If I could only tell y’all about myself without getting out down for it y’all all would understand 🙁 my health is not well at all I g2g

She keeps thinking I am cheating on her when I am with her 24/7 I have busted my ass and got put the f*** down Over n over he did the same

She has put me threw hell and back and I ALWAYS been the best man I could for her I am devastated and my whole family knows I didn’t do that

Now what??? Like f*** this all 🙁

Courtland’s words “my health is not well” and “I honestly don’t have much longer on this earth” had fans concerned, many of them asking Jenelle about it, who assured everyone Courtland is OK by tweeting, “Everyone chill, he is fine. He is scared of coming back to town that’s why he wants pitty[sic].” And then later, in response to the question “why does he say he’s sick? What’s wrong with him?” Jenelle responds with, “Not a damn thing lol he wants pitty[sic].”

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