In Teen Mom 2 Season 4 finale Barbara tries to commit Jenelle to hospital over suspected heroin use

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The Monday night footage of Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp was extremely hard to watch on what may very well be the last episode of Teen Mom 2 ever.

Jenelle’s storyline starts with mom Barbara Evans and her husband Mike discussing a disturbing incident at Jenelle’s apartment. Mike found what they believe was a heroin syringe and heroin, and during the incident Jenelle was completely despondent, which is not typical behavior for Jenelle during a stressful showdown.

Barbara is seriously worried about her daughter’s life, and decides to have her committed to a psychiatric hospital in a bid to save her life. “She doesn’t have to speak to me for the rest of her life, but if I can do this and save her life, I will” an emotional Barbara says.

When Jenelle and Kieffer speak about the incident, Kieffer says he wants to press charges on Barbara and Mike for taking personal property. “I don’ care if it was a heroin needle, he stole property from our house.”

When Barbara did have cops come get Jenelle for a psychiatric evaluation, but she only stayed at the hospital for a few hours before being released. Later, Kieffer filed trespassing charges against Barbara, and trespassing and assault charges against Mike.

Most of the footage on this episode Jenelle and Kieffer seem to be “out of it,” talk in a monotone, and are barely able to keep their eyes open. At one point there is a panic over finding Kieffer’s Xanax.

Although the events of tonight’s show happened months ago, and Jenelle spent some time in a rehab since, she and now-husband Courtland Rogers were arrested for heroin possession April 23. Here’s a timeline of what has happened since that arrest.

Jenelle tweeted about this episode: “I kno what I’ve done wrong, but that’s in the past. I’m looking towards my future. At least I have guts to share my story, but would u?”

Addiction is a dangerous disease that is extremely difficult to overcome. Hopefully Jenelle is making some positive steps now to at the very least save her live.

Kieffer made one of the most poignant lines of the episode because of it’s grim truth. After Jenelle noted that it was hard to stay sober because drugs take away the pain and stress of life, Kieffer responded with “It’s hard to stay sober because I want to get high.”

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