Video surfaces of Courtland Rogers snorting heroin, claiming Jenelle Evans used dope while pregnant

'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans' husband Courtland Rogers does heroin

Scandal has surrounded Jenelle Evans and husband Courtland Rogers ever since they started dating, and now that they have split, it doesn’t appear that anything has changed. In the most recent turn of events, video has surfaced of Courtland doing heroin and talking all about Jenelle’s drug use and how it led to her losing their baby.

“You are going to do a line that f**king big?” asks a woman named Tiffany at the start of a video posted by Radar Online today. “I don’t even care,” Courtland responds. “Jenelle broke my heart.”

As Courtland steadily works on his line, Tiffany pries for information about his wife. “Is she still still using?” she asks, “Is she still using dope? Is she shooting it?”

“Yea, that’s how she f**king had a miscarriage,” Courtland shockingly reveals. “The whole time I’m telling Jenelle you can’t be doing this sh*t. It’s going to kill our baby.”

Courtland Rogers doing heroin

Just one week before their split, the two visited Jenelle’s OBGYN together, and while there, as Courtland recalls, the doctor asked Jenelle why she had opiates in her system. “It was her first trimester. I knew something bad was going to happen,” Courtland said, adding that he asked the doctor what he could do to get her off the drugs.

When Jenelle first announced her pregnancy, she insisted that she was off all drugs — even her bipolar medication — and according to Courtland, that was partly true. She had stopped taking her prescribed medication, but unfortunately, kicking her other habits didn’t happen. “I’d rather her doing her bipolar meds than heroin,” he said.

During the entire clip, Courtland can be seen chopping up a white substance and snorting it through a dollar bill. “It was heroin,” Tiffany tells Radar.

UPDATE – Courtland claims the powder was just baking soda and he and Tiffany made the “fake” video to sell, but she beat him to the punch. (Click the link for more)

Although Tiffany didn’t allow the site to use her last name, it would make sense that this is the same Tiffany (Tiffany Knabe) whom Courtland went to see at a Cincinnati hotel just days after splitting with Jenelle. In fact, this video may have been shot during that visit, but that’s just a partially-educated guess.

Meanwhile, Jenelle is living with her ex-fiance Gary Head (but denies that they are a couple) and plans to try for an annulment. According to reports, she wants to go on as if Courtland and this marriage never happened.

Jenelle denies ever using heroin while pregnant.

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UPDATE – Jenelle’s Facebook admin just posted this note:

The allegations made by Courtland and his “girl” are false. Courtland is just butthurt that Jenelle left him after he beat her, so he is acting like a little kid by spreading rumors. Courtland knew that video was being recorded. Thats why it didnt show him actually snort the coke. He asked who she was texting bc he wanted to make it seem as if he didnt know. SMH – Kristin

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