MUG SHOTS Gary Head jailed for DUI arrests

Gary Head 2013 mugshot photo from DUI arrests

In a bit of amazing Teen Mom 2 coincidencegery, Gary Head began serving his 7-day jail sentence stemming from two separate DUI arrests and driving on a suspended license this morning. A little more than 2 hours after Gary was booked, his former fiance Jenelle Evans (now Rogers) and her current husband Courtland Rogers were booked on charges of heroin possession with the intent to manufacture, sell, and/or deliver as well as assault. (Jenelle was also charged with possession of Percocet and drug paraphernalia and was served with a warrant for child support.)

Jenelle Evans ex Gary Head mugshot for 2013 DUI convictions profile

Gary received the one-week sentence back on April 9, but it was unknown at the time when he would be serving it. Apparently the answer was today!

So Gary Head, Jenelle Evans, and Courtland Rogers are all in jail together! I checked to see if perhaps Kieffer Delp had made a return trip to the Brunswick County jail this weekend, but it seems he is still up in New jersey, although it is still possible he is behind bars now too.