Jenelle Evans can’t divorce Courtland Rogers until 2014

Jenelle Evans and fiance Courtland Rogers in her car

Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers parted ways on Monday, January 21 after the then-pregnant Jenelle discovered that her husband had left her home alone and gone out to get wasted with friends all while she slept. Following the escapade, Jenelle uncovered several online messages from other females and even a DTF list! Now, she is living with her ex-fiance as Courtland prepares to enter jail and deal with the assault charges she pressed against him. Clearly this relationship is over but unfortunately, their marriage is not and it won’t be for a while — at least not legally.

“North Carolina requires a one year separation period before she’s even elligible to be divorced,” Jenelle’s lawyer Dustin Sullivan tells Hollywood Life, adding that the couple has not spoken since January 23 when Jenelle filed the assault charges. Currently, Dustin says it is “safe to say that they are separated,” which means their separation period will likely be over at the end of January in 2014.

Jenelle had reportedly been interested in being granted an annulment instead of a divorce, but because of their prior engagement and the pregnancy (which sadly ended in miscarriage on January 25) during their marriage, it is highly unlikely that a judge would go that route.

“It’s an option; it’s extremely difficult to get an annulment in North Carolina,” he explains. “I’ve instructed her to just hold off on any of that [divorce or annulment filings] until she gets the criminal charges worked through.”

Courtland is currently in the hospital in South Carolina but once he is released, he will be taken into custody where he will address the charges (as well as some others, possibly).

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