PHOTOS & TWEETS Jenelle Evans post-miscarriage update

Jenelle Evans posts a photo of herself after her miscarriage on instagram

It has been a whirlwind few weeks for Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans, culminating in the tragic loss of her eight-week-old fetus due to a miscarriage Friday afternoon. Yesterday we posted updates from Jenelle and her ex-fiance Gary Head, who was with Jenelle at the hospital, and we thought we would update everyone on how she has been doing since the traumatizing event.

Here is a rough timeline compiled from Twitter (unless otherwise noted):

Gary Head: Gone shopping with @PBandJenelley_1 [Jenelle]

Jenelle: @gary_head like old times !

Tweeter: awww what yall buying

Jenelle: straightener shampoo conditioner, hygiene items 🙂

Jenelle: (on her Facebook wall): Take u down another level, getchu dancin with the devil 🙂 [along with the photos below]

Jenelle Evans after her miscarriage Facebook photo  Photo of Jenelle Evans after her miscarriage

Jenelle: Mmmmmm…. 🙂 [along with the instagram photo at the top of this post]

Courtland Rogers (on his Facebook wall): I supposedly beat her and she just lost our baby 2 hours ago but all of a sudden there’s no marks on her and she is taking Gary shopping lol smdh the whole world will see she is a psycho crazy b!tch!! It’s just f***ed up that my life is now ruined and she is just living hers up !! Wtf I am happy to screen shot that pic of her in the mirror singing she just took after losing our baby due to Xanax use!! I cannot wait to goto court and show this judge the truth about her she needs to learn that he is not the f***ing president and that she can’t just make up some sh!t to destroy someone’s life!!!! Smdh I am so glad I don’t have to deal with her anymore now that I think about it!! Good luck Gary hope she doesn’t get u for beating her AGAIN

Gary Head: she cant even have sex for a week so you could have canceled those plans even if she was withyou. Plus shes so pissed she doesent even want to be around you. But im glad you think Im that grimmy dude that likes to f*** the bloody p***y. Im still in love with @jadedolph and ive even told @PBandJenelley_1 this. She understands and we are just hanging out.

Tweeter: and she’s shopping after just getting out of surgery & having a miscarriage?

Gary Head: she had to ge cloths and hygine supplys. Her outfit got ruined and all her hygine stuff is at courtlands

Jenelle: I’m not crying tonight and ruining my makeup over u.

Gary Head: Out with the crew at Happy Hour. Maybe the Cave later @PBandJenelley_1 @joejoebeall21 @Juliagoolia2010 Mallory,Ryan,Corey.#Goodtimes

UPDATE – Some photos have surfaced on Twitter of Jenelle, Gary, and a friend at the club last night. The person who took the pictures responded to Jenelle’s tweet, “And I was the DD last night for everyone’s ass lol.” with “No. You were drinking. We have pics.”

Click to enlarge:

Jenelle Evans after her miscarriage partying at a club with Gary Head

Jenelle Evans parties after her miscarriage with Gary Head

END OF MESSAGES FROM FRIDAY NIGHT, Now on to Saturday morning:

Jenelle: Last night was epic, lmao @gary_head knocked over the waitresses tray at Waffle House of drinks hahah @Juliagoolia2010 @joejoebeall21

Gary Head: Im so sore

Gary Head: Cant believe i Hit the ground that hard lastnight

Gary Head: I faceplanted the concrete at full speed trying to race Ryan

Jenelle: Going home today

Tweeter: do you feel like you have learned anything from what has happened in the last few days#.hope you have

Jenelle: oh u don’t even kno lol

Jenelle: Did not party. Went to a weird ass bar that Gary worked at. Then we left cuz they were going to taze me supposedly…

Jenelle: “probly because you were acting dumb as f***” no I was minding my own business. I always do in public.

Jenelle: “damn, you should have stayed then!” After the hospital all day long I don’t want to be tazed lol

Jenelle: And I was the DD last night for everyone’s ass lol.

Gary Head: @Juliagoolia2010 @PBandJenelley_1 come smoke with me

Gary Head: @Juliagoolia2010 f*** it. Im gonna do my good deed for today. Im coming to you. To smoke 🙂

Jenelle: Ouch. 🙁

Tweeter: back to setting the stage? I’m pretty sure you’ve already cried this wolf a few other times this week.

Jenelle: if I showed u a pic right now bet u would throw up but that’s what u want, my business…

Jenelle: Money bag, literally lol gary_head [with the photo below]

Jenelle Evans Crown Royal money bag

Jenelle: Mmmmmm. [with the photo below of what I assume is a hot dog]

Jenelle Evans Cook Out hot dog photo

Nikkole Paulun [A 16 & Pregnant cast member from Jenelle’s season]: Had my first car accident 🙁 Never ever driving ever again. Too scary

Nikkole: Casino for the night

Jenelle: @nikkoleMTV yr really partying hard after yr “accident” Nikkole… Lol

And just for the sake of completeness, here are Courtland’s Facebook posts apparently made while driving through wintery conditions on his way back to North Carolina after staying a few days in a Cincinnati hotel room with stickam buddy Tiffany Knabe:

Omfg the snow is so bad it’s so hard to drive 🙁 HELPPPPPPPPPPP 🙁

I miss my other Half sooooooooo bad 🙁

Why are y’all disrespecting me like this I have done everything I could to prove to her I love her an she just takes out fake charges on me!! Do u really think I don’t wanna b beside her threw this?? Really?? She’s my world no matter what I am to her 🙁

I’m going 120 trying to get to her hospital right now!!! Somebody help me find out which one she is at please god!!!! I’m sliding all over the road !!!:( this hurts so bad!! I want to b the one beside her threw this I wanna b by my wife!! Why is everyone telling me that I am a horrible person?? I am so depressed and to know fry is the one beside her kills me I have done everything possible to prove I love jenelle and y’all keep dogging me:( goddddd dammitttttttttt

I need a friend to chill with so bad!!!! Whose in NC???

[In reponse to critical comments] Yea and also how she falsified reports they know she makes sh!t up just like Gary “strangled her” and I supposedly beat her and keiffer chocked her out and what next I would never put my hands on a women I have seen that shot happen to my sister I would die before that!! I guess the judge is the only one I can prove that too tho

OK – That should get you all up to date for now! More updates in an hour or so I’m guessing.