Courtland Rogers is on the run from the law after skipping court date

Jenelle Evans' husband Corutland Rogers wanted by police

Courtland Rogers was scheduled to appear in court on Monday to deal with the assault charges his wife Jenelle Evans filed against him last month, but the 26-year-old was a no-show. Warrants have since been issued for his arrest, but Courtland has apparently skipped town.

“Mr. Rogers did not appear in court,” a Brunswick County Court official told Radar Online earlier today. “He has not yet been served with the papers from the charges that were filed by Jenelle and there are warrants out for his arrest.” The officials says that once Courtland is served, he will then appear in front of a magistrate who will set his bond.

“Jenelle wants him to man up and show up in court,” a source close to Jenelle tells Radar. “She thinks he’s on the run, and that he’s never to go face the charges. She is so mad at him right now.”

And that’s not all that Courtland has to deal with. He also has even more legal problems heading his way. According to second source, Courtland is in arrears on his child support and his baby mama Taylor Lewis is preparing to take him to court.

“Courtland has had a year to pay the child support for his daughter, JaJa, but he doesn’t have a job,” the source claims. “His dad has been paying it but he is going to stop now and Taylor is going to have to go to court to get him to pay up!”

And remember, all of this is in addition to Courtland’s rather extensive criminal past that includes being arrested as part of a drug ring sting operation in 2010.

Jenelle seems to confirm the reports of Courtland being on the lamb with a post she made on Facebook yesterday:

Just got a call.. the law is looking for Courtland Keith Rogers. Charged with 4 Counts of Assault on a Female and Battery of an Unborn Child. If you know of his where-abouts please call Brunswick County Sheriffs Department. Thank u, I’m sick of him harassing me.

As is often the case with Jenelle, her post stirred up a bit of controversy in the comments section, to which Jenelle responded to:

Jenelle Evans responds to commenters about Courtland Rogers on Facebook

So I guess we should start a betting pool as to which state Courtland will turn up in. My bet is Ohio, where he ran off to last time. To help you with your bet, Courtland tweeted this on Monday, “Today…….is going to be priceless !!!! 😉 on my way through these states 2 more and i’m going 2 be a happy happy lol ;)” So I think we can rule out all states within a two-state radius of North Carolina.

UPDATE – There has been some confusion as to Courtland’s alias on the poster. “Alnost Fanous” is in reference to the cursive tattoo Courtland got just above his groin in which “Almost Famous” is technically misspelled.


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