Jenelle Evans is “getting a divorce, ASAP” from Courtland Rogers

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Jenelle Evans is ready to put her marriage to Courtland Rogers behind her. The past few days have been hell for Jenelle, who on top of having her hubby bail on her for a party in the middle of the night, was also hospitalized with a miscarriage scare, and now, she’s prepared to file for divorce.

This morning, the Teen Mom 2 star announced her plans on Twitter. “I am getting a divorce, ASAP. YOU F**KING LEAVE OUT OF TOWN AND I MIGHT BE HAVING A MISCARRIGE?! F**K U, U F**KING PIECE OF SH*T,” Jenelle tweeted early Wednesday, adding. “I’m in shock.” According to reports, Courtland went to Kentucky while Jenelle was in the hospital, but it is unclear why.

UPDATE – Jenelle just tweeted, “And the deed is done.” And then “U can f*** me over, I f*** harder.” We’ll let you read into that what you will 🙂

Jenelle further clarified her thoughts on Courtland on her personal Facebook wall:

If u guys only seen how many girls he tries to f**k in a week, so sad. It’s like he’s a horny nasty dog, ew. Telling girls u love them and prove to u they love u and the girl gets mad when she finds out I’m pregnant? Wow yeah I have all the screen shots just haven’t posted them. I’m so sick of men ruining my life.

She also reportedly wrote “Oh yeah and my skull might be fracture” at one point, but it appears to have since been deleted.

Jenelle Evans and her possible fiance Courtland Rogers

Later in the morning, Jenelle confirmed that not only was she done with Courtland, she was also ready to reunite with her ex-fiance Gary Head (which we reported last night), but it’s likely just a friendly meeting. “Going to chill with an old friend,” Jenelle confirmed, “finally now that I have freedom back.”

Jenelle dated Gary for 6 months in early 2012 but things ended after an allegedly violent fight in which Jenelle accused Gary of trying to strangle her with a bed sheet. The incident led to Jenelle being granted a restraining order and Gary pleading guilty to an assault charge.

Jenelle and Courtland haven’t had much contact since yesterday when she went to the hospital, however, she did recieve a text from him at 6:30am today in which he had confirmed that he had left town and advised her “not to worry.”

Jenelle may have wanted to deliver the divorce news to Courtland personally, but unfortunately, she has been unable to reach him. “He just won’t answer the phone,” she explains.

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