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David Eason goes after Randy Houska on Instagram in threatening videos

Jenelle Eason's husband David Eason is on the offensive today! Hours after he attacked Kail Lowry, her mom, and Lux's dad Chris Lopez in a series of comments on Kail's Instagram photo, David shared a string of disturbing videos calling out Chelsea Houska's dad Randy Houska, including and offer to re-align Randy's jaw.

David Eason wears Confederate flag, says Civil War wasn’t about slavery

Jenelle Eason's husband David Eason continues to stir up controversy on social media, this time posing for an Instagram photo with his shaved head draped in a Confederate battle flag as he calls one commenter "ignorant" for thinking the Civil War was fought over slavery. Keep reading to see the full photo and read David's comments, plus we did some research to determine whether it is the commenter or David who is ignorant about the Civil War.

Jenelle Eason shares domestic violence confessional video after terrified 911 call

Just over one week after it was first reported that Jenelle Eason was hospitalized after calling 911 and claiming that she was assaulted by her husband David Eason, the Teen Mom 2 star addresses concerns for her well being, updates on how she is doing now, and explains why she abandoned social media with a YouTube video titled "CONFESSIONAL: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE."

Rep: Jenelle tripped resulting in 911 assault call & hospitalization, David makes nice with Jenelle butt pic

A rep for Jenelle Eason is claiming that the 911 call made from Jenelle's house (which was classified as an assault call with officers dispatched) as well as Jenelle's resulting trip to the hospital were all the result of her tripping and falling while enjoying a bonfire with friends. Meanwhile, Jenelle has deleted her Facebook and Twitter accounts, and David tries to publicly express his love for Jenelle in true David fashion.

Jenelle Eason shares photos after nose surgery, explains the procedures she had done

Earlier this week, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason posted a photo on Instagram showing her nose bandaged and she captioned it by writing: "Day 2 - Feeling Miserable." The photo had many speculating that Jenelle had elected to get a nose job, but the reality star posted new update photos earlier today and revealed the real reason she went under the knife -- twice.

Jenelle attacks Kail over clickbait articles, including claims that David had a gun at Jace’s soccer practice

The bitter feud between Teen Mom 2 co-stars Jenelle Eason and Kail Lowry has been reignited, and it is once again over clickbait articles being shared on social media. The latest tiff between the two comes after Kail posted a series of articles about Jenelle and her husband David Eason with sensational titles like "Jenelle Evans' husband David Appears To Bring Gun To Stepson Jace's Soccer Game" and "Nathan Griffith's Friend OWNS David Eason on Twitter: I Banged Jenelle, Bruh!"

TEEN MOM 2 David Eason says ‘all trans are perverts’ in another transphobic rant on Facebook

Former Teen Mom 2 star David Eason has doubled down on his condemnation of transgender people in a series of Facebook comments in which he repeatedly states that all transgender people are perverts in addition to suggesting that there is a bigger conspiracy at work with this claim: "The government wants all you retards to change your gender and thin out the population. Keep them out of jail and show kids how 'normal' it is. (End natural human reproduction)." Keep reading for most all of David's latest comments, as well as the original comments he was responding to.