PHOTOS Jenelle Evans is out of rehab again, already fighting Courtland on Twitter

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It seems Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is going to complete her 30 days of rehab 7 days at time. Despite numerous reports that her most recent stint would be for a full month, Jenelle looks to have gotten out last night after only a week — and, as you would expect, she hit the ground tweeting.

In case you missed it, Jenelle’s estranged husband Courtland Rogers gave an interview to OK! magazine last week in which he talked at length about Jenelle’s drug problems, claimed Jenelle’s assault allegations were false, and said he and Jenelle had been talking on the phone every day since she reentered rehab. If Jenelle had internet access over the last week, no doubt she was anxious to get back out and fight back — which she did.

Jenelle’s first order of business was to block Courtland’s baby momma Taylor Lewis, who has apparently mended fences with Courtland judging from numerous photos of the couple and their daughter Jordan posted on their now joint Twitter account yesterday and today.

UPDATE – Radar Online has a source that says Jenelle “wasn’t in rehab that long because she doesn’t think she really needs it. She’s ready to live her life like a normal person not on drugs or dealing with the crappy guys who were around her.” OK, let’s get back to the post where we were talking about Jenelle dealing with a crappy guy around her…

Here’s a screen cap recap, which includes a rather unpleasant baby cartoon, accusations of cross dressing, and possibly a topless photo:

Jenelle Courtland Twitter March 2013 part 1
Teen Mom Jenelle Evans topless photo
Jenelle Evans tweets DM conversation with Courtland Rogers
Courtland Rogers wearing Jenelle Evans' Victoria's Secret pants
Jenelle Courtland Twitter March 2013 part 3 Taylor Jaja
Jenelle Evans tweets tastelss baby cartoon about cocaine and Courtland Rogers
Courtland Rogers tweets that he hasn't had sex with baby mama Taylor Lewis

So Jenelle is out of rehab and officially does not have a boyfriend. Stay tuned.