VIDEO PHOTOS Ke$ha’s 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards pimp tux and “C’mon” performance

Kesha Kids Choice Awards 2013 pimp

Ke$ha showed up at the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards looking as though she had just left Xzibit’s new reality show Pimp My Singer! The 26-year-old was a cross between Bootsy Collins and David Lee Roth in a powder blue (almost lavender) tux with matching hat, star-shaped jewel-rimmed sunglasses, and of course a walking stick. (No, she wasn’t wearing a feather boa or acrylic goldfish tank elevated platform shoes.)

Accompanying Ke$ha in a matching complimentary orange outfit (including the hat and walking stick) was her 13-year-old little brother Louie Sebert:

Ke$ha and little brother Louie Sebert Kids Choice Awards Dumb and Dumber

I can only imagine the conversations these outfits inspired in homes across the country! “Mom, what’s a pimp? Isn’t that what Clearasil’s for?”

But perhaps more important than the impact Ke$ha and her little brother’s pimpilicious fashion choices will have on American families is the impact they will have on one particular reality star and her attorney!

Jenelle Evans Ke$ha Kids Choice Awards glasses and hat

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Ke$ha stopped to talk with an E! correspondent while walking the red, purple, orange and yellow carpet and Ke$ha described her look by saying, “I wanted to go a little Willy Wonka and a little pimp.” She later added, “with a little Elton with the glasses.” Louie joined Ke$ha towards the interview and let the real cat out of the bag! Prepare for a face palm:

That’s right! Dumb and Dumber! What’s that? You don’t remember? This should refresh your memory:

Dumb and Dumber blue and orange tuxedos

Ke$ha wasn’t just in attendance to show off her dumber and dumber duds, however, she was also there to perform! The initial music was from her hit “We R Who We R,” but eventually she began singing her new single “C’mon.” Here’s a video of her performance:

And one last parting shot of Dumb 🙂

Kesha 2013 Kids Choice Awards blue tuxedo pimp

I have to confess I kinda like it — something that doesn’t happen all that often for me with Ke$ha looks.