Jenelle Evans has a bad Valentine’s Day, just like Courtland Rogers “postulated”

Jenelle Evans Valentines Day photo

Ever since Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers’ marriage disintegrated into a media supernova that included a pregnancy announcement, assault charges, dueling live streaming videos, Cincinatti Facebook admin hook ups, accusations of drug use, a miscarriage, an alleged heroin snorting video, the return of Jenelle’s ex Gary Head, a potential appearance on Judge Judy, and the hospitalization and placement on suicide watch of Courtland Rogers, things have been relatively quiet.

Jenelle’s mood, or at least the mood she has presented on social media, has been nothing short of pleasant and, dare I say, undramatic. She seemed to be enjoying her rekindled romance friendship with her ex-fiance Gary Head, and with MTV’s announcement of the immediate return of Teen Mom 2 for a 4th Season next week, everything seemed peachy keen for the 21-year-old!

But we all know that most of Jenelle’s explosions have their genesis in romance, so how would she fare on the most romantic day of the year — Valentine’s Day? Pretty good to begin with!

Jenelle Evans Valentine's Day gift from Gary Head

Things kicked off early, early this morning when Jenelle posted the above photo along with the caption, “Awhhhhhhh! πŸ™‚ what I just woke up to!!! Thanks gorgeous!!! β€” with Gary Head.”

That was quickly followed by this next photo of Jenelle’s new navel bling along with, “No filter. New belly ring :)”

Jenelle Evans navel piercing ring

About nine hours of silence went by before Jenelle returned to Facebook, seemingly still in a good mood and literally seeing flowers everywhere. “Did every girl get flowers for valentines ? Lol looks like it all I see is flowers everywhereeee!!” She wrote. And then, “Hair tan shopping, almost done! :)”

A few more hours and a few more light-hearted posts came and went including the photo at the top of this post in which she revisits the flowers Gary gave her and writes, “Mmmm… They smell great ! :)”

But things got a little heated in the comments on the flower photo after someone pointed out that Gary gave another girl the same arrangement:

AN: its sad that gary gave almost the same exact thing to jade;

Jenelle Evans: Gary was with me last valentines day and this valentines day. So what were u trying to get at ?

AN: that jade has the same candy and same flower arrangement, down to the plastic heart. hmmm, then he defends hisself saying everyone deserves something. blah blah blah. he legit is using you for stories & its sad that you would take him back even though he “choked” & abused you.

Jenelle: My roommate was with Gary when he bought what he bought me

Jenelle: Stop making up sh!t

AN: go look at jades twitter, i even have a screen shot of him defending hisself. i really have no reason to lie to you, just would rather not see someone played.

AN: [quoting Gary from Twitter] Gary Head @gary_head
People tripping over nothing. It’s Valentines day. Everyone deserves something. Only haters make it bigger than it actually is. #JustSaying

Jenelle: Becuz people think it’s wrong of Gary for getting me something on valentines day when I’m married



Jenelle: And noticed she blocked out something in the picture.

Jenelle: She’s shady

AN: your right, but still funny that she has the exact same arrangement. thats shady too

AN: sorry, unlike you i wouldnt wanna see someone choked out again. but hey if you’re for domestic violence, to each their own.

Jenelle: Stfu already dude seriously

AN: not my fault i speak facts, your in the media eye. get used to it

AN: i do like jenelle, i dont like the fact she chooses sh!tty boyfriends. your a nobody & you do not intimidate whatsoever hun. now please go back to school & go back to class because clearly you’re an unedecuated fool.

AN: oh by the way ashley, it has been confirmed to jenelle by jade those flowers were from gary…. So sit your lame ass down.

After that interaction about the flowers Jenelle made a separate post that read, “Wow. Never been THIS hurt in my life. Horrible Valentines”

That comment managed to bring out Courtland Rogers, and he and Jenelle began to exchange pleasant unpleasantries, including Courtland’s comment, “guess gary did u wrong again just like i postulated:”

Courtland Rogers Jenelle Evans Valentine's Day Facebook

Jenelle then posted “Brunswick county in a few. :)” to which Courtland responded with this series of comments:

Jenelle Evans Courtland Rogers Valentine's Day Facebook

Jenelle’s Valentine’s Day ended on a couple very sad notes as she wrote, “DEpressed. Calling my best friend in a few, Little Red :'(” followed by “My life making me want to run away got no place to go.”

Thankfully, Jenelle’s mom Babs had some encouraging words via Twitter as Jenelle retweeted parody Twitter account @BabsEvansMTV’s message, “@PBandJenelley_1 CHEAH UP BUTTAHCUP.”

UPDATE – After finishing up this post but just before publishing it Jenelle retweeted a photo of the Valentine Gary gave Jade without the portion in the bottom right blacked out, and it’s pretty obvious why it was!

Gary Head Jade Valentine uncensored

To be honest, it almost makes it worse that it was blacked out! That seems to suggest there was something to hide. Ugh.

On a side note, Courtland spent most of Valentine’s Day on Facebook sharing his joy at being single and seemingly hitting up any and all available women who might wanna take a fanciful journey to Courtlandia! Actually, the Valentine’s themed posts started last night. Here they are chronologically with a handful of less interesting ones edited out. (If you don’t have much tolerance for Courtlandese, just scroll down to the bottom because the last post is the best!)

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