Yara’s friends think she’s too good for Jovi and Jovi thinks they would be divorced without Mylah

During the first episode of Happily Ever After Jovi and Yara immediately start fighting about Yara going out that night to party with her friends. Last season Yara had just had their daughter Mylah and the COVID-19 pandemic was still new so she was staying in all the time, which frustrates Jovi. Now that life is more back to normal in many ways for Yara, she’s starting to go out, but not with her husband.

Jovie made the bold statement that if they didn’t have their daughter Mylah they would already be divorced. He also referred to their situation as being “stuck” because of their daughter. Meanwhile, Yara’s friends are hyping her up and telling her that she’s too good for Jovi. Are they headed to divorce?

Yara meets up with her friends Cymphony and Adele, who she met a year ago. She eager to connect with girlfriends because she misses her best friends in Ukraine. She likes them because they say what they think, which Yara has found to be rare in the United States.

Adele and Cymphony

Yara immediately vents to her friends that Jovi hates when she goes out, but when he goes out he’s gone until five in the morning. She does say that he goes to the strip club less now because they live too far away from the nearest one.

Adele shares a story about Jovi from the first time she met Yara. They were out with a group and Jovi was supposed to be babysitting Mylah. Instead, he called his mom to take care of Mylah and showed up where the women were hanging out.

Yara says Jovi also tracks her every move on her phone. She says she first shared her location with him when she first moved to the United States because he was afraid she would get kidnapped. However, Yara doesn’t know why they still share locations because she can’t drive and barely leaves the house.

Yara tells the girls she doesn’t know why Jovi has a trust issue, and that’s when Adele goes in on Jovi. “Because, you’re out of his league,” she says. Adele says that there are plenty of men who would swoop Yara up and take care of both her and her baby.

“I’m just saying, he’s not, like, crazy attractive,” Adele says. “He’s cute. You guys look cute together. But I’m just saying, she’s cuter than him for sure.”

“There’s so much of the world to explore,” Cymphany points out.

Adele later elaborates to the cameras that Yara is “stunning. She’s gorgeous, and like she’s so young, she’s so beautiful. She could totally get any guy that she wants.”

Yara then explains that she fells in love with him because his mannerisms remind her of her mom. She likes that he tells her what to do, just like her mom.

It seems like there may be trouble ahead for Jovi and Yara, and Jovie just shared on Instagram that he still thinks it’s “true” that they would be divorced without their daughter. During a stories Q & A someone asked he if regrets saying that on television, and he replied “I mean not really, its probably true.”

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