SISTER WIVES Where is Janelle living now? Still in an RV?

In this past Sunday’s Sister Wives episode we got the stunning revelation that Janelle is in a bad financial bind with the Brown family. She owns no real estate assets in her name only, and gave up half of the money she got from selling her Las Vegas property to Robyn’s down payment. She also revealed that Kody doesn’t care about her living situation. Where is Janelle living now? Is she still living in the RV (fifth wheel)?

Of all of the present and former wives of Kody Brown who are not currently legally married to him, Janelle is the only one who doesn’t own house or land of her own. Meri rents her Flagstaff house, but owns her B & B in Parowan, Utah, and Christine owned her home in Flagstaff before she moved and now owns a house in Utah.

When the owner of Janelle’s rental house decided to sell the home, Janelle chose not to buy it. Instead, she bought an RV and a truck to move it and settled on Coyote Pass for awhile. It’s always been a dream of Janelle’s to live in a fifth wheel trailer (which is like an RV that has to be pulled) but the realities of getting water, electricity, and heating to the vehicle became daunting.

In this past episode Janelle is worried about staying in the trailer for the winter. Not only is the winter going to be harshly cold, but her teenage daughter Savannah was not happy living in the trailer full-time.

A major reason why Janelle wanted to move out to the Coyote Pass property was to kick-start finally building there after several years of it laying completely undeveloped. Janelle is eager to build there so she can have a home of her own like the other wives in the family.

Robyn doesn’t have property with just her name on it, but she is Kody’s legal wife and still has her name on three of the four Coyote pass parcels of land. In addition, Robyn’s name is on the $900,000 house she bought partially using Janelle’s money. The value of Robyn’s house has probably gone up quite a bit in the past few years. Not only has real estate been booming in general, but Flagstaff is a particular hot real estate area.

Meanwhile only two of the four parcels of land on Coyote Pass have been paid off. The family wants to redraw the property lines, but can only do so after everything is paid off. Therefore, Janelle has to wait for the property to be paid off in order for her to build where she wants to build.

It’s a bit of a spoiler, but Janelle and Savannah did move out of the RV and into an apartment in late 2021 and have not moved back onto the property.

Janelle’s son Garrison bought a four-bedroom house in Flagstaff in early 2022. It’s currently unknown if Janelle is still renting in the area, or if she has moved in with Garrison, but she is definitely not living on the property right now.

She recently posted a cozy photo of her Christmas tree on Instagram showing that she is definitely not staying in a trailer this winter.

Since Christine’s split with the family and the conversation with the adults that ended up with gaslighting from Robyn and and explosion from Kody, Christine and Janelle have remained close. Christine may also be helping Janelle find better financial independence by helping her grow her Plexus MLM business on social media.

It’s obvious from the episodes currently airing that in 2021 Janelle became aware that she had made choices that took away her freedom and independence. She also seems open to having the option to leave Kody. The public still doesn’t know if she has really left him at this point, but we are seeing the beginning of her journey to truly secure herself and not put blind faith into the illusion of “The Family” any longer.

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