RHOBH Why Kyle Richards gave money to the man who robbed her

During the Part 1 reunion of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12, Kyle Richards revealed that the person who robbed her in 2017 reached out to her sister-in-law recently. Not only has Kyle been in contact with him, but she says she’s also been sending him money, a revelation that shocked Dorit and Erika.

Dorit had just been talking about how she now suffers from PTSD after the burglary she went through last year. Dorit was held at gunpoint while the still unknown robbers took some of her luxury items.

Kyle then shared that she was in contact with the person who stole over $1 million of valuables from her home in 2017 while their family was away on vacation.

Kyle says the robber said that he had spent time in jail and had left her stuff at his grandmother’s house. She says he sent her pictures of her property to prove that he still has it.

“What?” Dorit asked in shock.

Kyle then said she sent him some of the money that he asked of her but he shied away because he thought she was going to call the police. Kyle says she told him that she didn’t care about the police, she just wanted her stuff.

“Why would you send him a f**king dime? That’s a criminal,” Erika Girardi asked.

Kyle clarified that she hasn’t given him “very much” money.

“That’s called a shakedown,” Erika said in disbelief.

In 2020 Kyle mistakenly thought she spotted one of the stolen items, her mother’s ring, on the hands of a “fortune teller” in a pic Diane Keaton shared on Instagram. The woman in the photo wasn’t a fortune teller, she was a former pharmacy clerk who’d had the ring in question for decades.

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