SISTER WIVES The meaning behind Mykelti and Tony’s twins’ names

Sister Wives’s Mykelti and Tony Pardon’s twins were born on the morning of November 17, 2022.

In an Instagram reply Tony revealed the reasoning behind the boys’ names. He also explained that their middle names have special meanings, but didn’t say what the names are.

Tony says that Archer’s name is a derivative of Tony’s gamer tag, and they just really liked the name Ace. He says Ace’s middle name comes from Mykelti’s “favorite strong woman character in a show,” and Archer’s middle name means to inspire wealth and prosperity.

Archer’s older than Ace by 2 minutes, and the boys are fraternal twins with different hair colors. Archer has dark hair and Ace has almost ginger-colored hair. “That’s fun, I’ve been a fake ginger since I was 15,” Mykelti said in an Instagram story answering questions about the birth. “But, their’s is natural.”

They were both breech, which means their feet were down, which made the delivery dangerous so Mykelti had an emergency C-section. Her first birth with Avalon was a home birth, but she arranged for a hospital birth for her twins with Dr. Gregory Bean, the same doctor who delivered Mykelti’s sibling Truely on camera for Season 1 of Sister Wives.

Since Mykelti’s first birth was filmed, and Dr. Bean has been on camera before, it’s safe to assume that the twins’ birth will also be on the show.

Mykelti’s currently in pain, but was able to come home from the hospital on the second day after only spending one night in the hospital. Mykelti and the twins are all healthy and their sister Avalon is enjoying her new brothers.

Archer weighed 6.15 lbs and measured 19 inches at birth, and Ace weighed 6.8 lbs and also measured 19 inches.

Mykelti made it to 38 weeks before delivery. She says she measured 54 weeks pregnant if she were pregnant with one baby. Single babies are often delivered at 40 weeks, but twins are often delivered between 36 and 38 weeks because of the extra complications that come from multiple babies.

Mykelti was still pregnant for Halloween, so she went trick-or-treating with her daughter Avalon dressed as Thor from Endgame. Avalon’s Halloween costume was baby shark.

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