SISTER WIVES Why one of Kody’s sons is done with him for good

Fresh off the heels of Christine telling Kody she no longer wants to be with him and plans to move out of state, his own son Garrison tells Kody he’s also done with him in Season 17, Episode 2 Sister Wives teaser released today. Is Garrison’s mom Janelle done with Kody too?

“Garrison calls me up with his narcissistic attitude,” Kody says at the start of the clip shared on the official Sister Wives Facebook page. “And goes, ‘This is your fault and I’m never gonna be around you again.'”

Janelle then tells producers that Garrison is done with his father because he doesn’t like how he treats Janelle and his children with Janelle.

Janelle, however, isn’t done with Kody.

After that intense call from Garrison, Kody called up Janelle to tell her that both Garrison and Gabe needed to move out. Janelle found this threat to be hilarious because his name isn’t even on the lease, so he has no say to evict his sons.

Near the end of Season 16 was when Kody first publicly demanded that Janelle kick Gabe and Garrison out of her house.

Last season we saw the rift between Kody and his two youngest sons with his second wife Janelle, Gabe and Garrison, grow because of disagreements over COVID-19.

Janelle explains in the clip that her youngest sons problem with Kody runs much deeper than conflicts over COVID-19. They are annoyed with how COVID-19 exposed Kody’s preference for Robyn and her family, a preference that they noticed well before COVID, and well before the family moved to Flagstaff, Arizona.

“They have for a long time perceived that Kody’s focus, you know, his time, everything was spent, the majority at Robyn’s house even when they lived in Vegas,” Janelle says.

“They’re really frustrated,” Janelle continued. “They feel like there’s been a real preference for Robyn.”

Christine corroborates that Janelle’s sons have been fed up with Kody for a while, but says that Janelle herself seems fine with her own relationship with Kody. “She’s said that it’s everything she needs it to be,” Christine says. “Over and over and over she’s said that. Her kids feel different.”

Janelle still claims that she has a “good” and “adequate” relationship even though she does admit that it’s struggling. She notes that she asks from him what she wants and he gives it to her but acknowledges that her relationship doesn’t look like his relationship with Robyn.

Although Kody grew to eventually regret these rules, they were extremely strict for a while to the point where it kept the whole family apart.

Kody got so upset over the fact that the boys were still doing things like going to work and seeing their friends. He was upset that Gabe spent a lot of time with his girlfriend. Gabe claimed that his girlfriend Payton was also following strict COVID-19 protocol.

At the very end of Season 16, which was filmed after the 2020 holiday season, Janelle announced in a self-recorded video that Gabe and Garrison had tested positive for COVID-19. The series ended with a cliffhanger about whether or not Janelle and her daughter Savannah were also positive.

We opened up Season 17 with the news that both Janeelle and Savannah were positive for COVID-19 as well, and that Gabe and Garrison had recovered from their symptoms fairly quickly.

In episode two we get a look into how

In 2021, Garrison was able to buy his own house in Flagstaff at the age of 22 years old.

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