SEEKING SISTER WIFE Danielle married The Davis family in lovely ceremony

The finale episode of Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 involves two major stories: one dramatic, and one really joyful. While the Merrifields are mourning the loss of Roberta, Danielle is joining the Davis family in a really nice wedding ceremony. She isn’t legally marrying anyone yet because they still have to find someone for her to marry, but April, Jennifer, Nick, and Danielle all made a public commitment to each other.

Because this is an unconventional wedding, it involved four people instead of the usual two. Although it signifies Danielle joining the family, it’s a big deal for all of them because Jennifer and April didn’t have a ceremony when they got married. They just made it official at the courthouse.

As a family, the Davises seem to be more polyamorous than polygamous, and the way their structure is set up the women marry each other in pairs. All three of the women seem to have genuine love and support for each other and have shown no signs of tension or in-fighting.

Danielle wore white, April wore a gold dress, and Jennifer wore a white skirt with a gold top that exposed her 7-month pregnant belly. She also wore gold chains around her midsection.

All three women walked down the aisle together, and their wedding officiant was a former schoolmate of Nick’s named Kendaka. Nick refers to Kendaka as an “advisor” of the family and helps them “maintain their orientation” and the goals they set.

Most of their family members couldn’t make it to the ceremony, mostly because of short notice. Some of their family members, however, choose not to support them because of the way they live their lives. Nick’s dad George did get to show up, however.

A few months after the wedding ceremony the Davis welcomed the birth of Jennifer’s baby Vera.

The Davis family’s next step is finding a wife for Danielle to marry. They are taking things a little slow, but they’re still dating. For now, the foursome has been sharing the fun times they’re having together on Instagram.

They’ve gone hiking in the mountains and had fun together at an arcade.

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