SISTER WIVES Robyn says Kody gets angry with her, she misses the man he used to be

Pretty much every adult in the Brown family of Sister Wives is going through a difficult time in their marriage. Although Janelle seems the most content, she’s dealing with the fact that her husband Kody has a terrible relationship with her sons Garrison and Gabe. Meri isn’t really in Kody’s life anymore despite the fact that she still claims to be spiritually married to him. Christine has left Kody and is moving to a different state. She’s also named Robyn as the most loved, and “favorite” wife. But, Robyn doesn’t seem happy with Kody either.

Before the COVID pandemic hit, Kody was spending more time at Robyn’s house but when the pandemic happened he pretty much just locked down at her house and rarely left to see his other wives and children. All this time alone with Kody hasn’t necessarily been pleasant for Robyn. Last season she expressed that she was unhappy with Kody, and now she’s doubling down on how she’s struggling with Kody always being around because he’s so angry.

“Kody’s been at my house a lot just by default because of the decisions that other wives are making,” Robyn says. “I love Kody dearly. But this is not what I chose. His other relationships are stressing him out so much that it’s not like it’s really that much fun to have him around anyway.”

“He’s an angry man right now. He’s really struggling . . . What’s going on with him and Christine, I’ve never seen him like this before. It’s like it’s including the kids. And that’s getting worse for him and he’s having a very hard time,” Robyn goes on.

“I don’t think everybody’s quite understanding what’s going on here. I miss my husband,” Robyn says as she tears up. “Because he’s not himself. Anytime I try to talk to him, I get the anger thrown at me and I have to say, ‘Hey, hey, whoa, whoa. I’m not who you’re mad at.”

From what Robyn’s saying, he’s getting angry with her ane is always stressed and unpleasant.

Robyn says she’s tried to speak to everyone in their family about this issue, but claims no one is willing to talk to her about these concerns. She says this makes her feel helpless.

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