MY 600 LB LIFE How is Angie J now? From addiction and homelessness to stability

The story of Angie J. from TLC’s My 600 Lb Life covers three episodes and covers 2 years and 3 months of Angie’s life. Her road to weight loss surgery was extremely rocky and complicated by drug addictions, divorce, another breakup, and homelessness. How’s Angie doing now?

On Angie J’s initial episode of My 600 Lb Life aired in 2019 she was one of the most adversarial patients in the entire series and her attitude continued with her two-part update for the My 600 Lb Life: Where Are They Now? series.

Angie initially appeared on the show with her husband Justin, and they both struggled with substance abuse issues. Justin left her during the episode, and Dr. Now refused to give her surgery if she didn’t attend rehab. Angie admitted to smoking cigarettes and marijuana, but Dr. Now says other narcotics were found in her system. Not only was she struggling with drugs, but she had also only lost 50 pounds from a high weight of about 650 lbs, which was below what Dr. Now asked of her.

In her update on Where Are They Now?, Angie continued her journey with Dr. Now and moved from Ohio to Houston, TX with Justin. Soon, though, Justin left her for good. Right before he left, they had a suspicious burglary and all of Angie’s drugs were stolen, along with her father’s ashes. Angie suspected that Justin had been behind the robbery, and she suffered from withdrawal from her drugs and thoughts about harming herself.

Angie struggled with drug abuse including Xanax and painkillers. She found a new boyfriend named Dave and moved in with him, but he soon abandoned her too. Several times in her journey she feared that she had cancer because of abdominal pain, but doctors were unable to find any cancer or other physical reasons for her pain.

At one point in her update story, Angie was homeless and sleeping in the park after Dave asked her to leave. Angie said she had anger issues so she was glad to be away from Dave, but she was completely broke and without options. She had reached Dr. Now’s goal of losing almost 100 pounds but had more pressing issues.

She again sought help from the hospital, and Dr. Now found out about her homelessness. He offered her rehab again, but Angie refused so she returned to the streets for a brief time. She reconsidered and agreed to enter an outpatient rehab and detox program so she could continue with Dr. Now’s care.

After rehab, Angie had her weight loss surgery and was able to stay with James, one of her former neighbors. Her recovery was extremely tough because Angie continued to experience severe abdominal pain and was constantly nauseous and throwing up her food.

She had an endoscopy because she feared she had cancer again, but the results came back clear. She soon moved back home to Ohio and stayed with family and eventually, her nausea subsided and she felt much healthier.

At the end of her episode Angie weight 310 lbs. and had lost a total of 333 lbs. When she consulted with Dr. Now over the phone, Dr. Now let her know that she still had about 100 lbs to lose, but a lot of that was probably extra skin. Although they had a difficult road together, Dr. Now as proud of Angie’s progress and promised to help her get her extra skin off.

How is Angie J. doing now in 2022?

Angie was most recently active on Facebook, where she shared some lovely photos from Easter 2022.

She also has an account on Cameo where she sells custom videos for $10 each.

In general, it seems like Angie J. is doing well in the years after her surgery. According to her Instagram, she’s been spending a lot of time with her kids and grandkids and has kept her weight off.

She shared in December 2021, that she had just moved to Iowa and had gotten engaged. She has not offered any public updates about her new fiancé since that announcement.

It’s unknown if Angie followed up with Dr. Now for skin surgery.

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