SEEKING SISTER WIFE Ashley & Dimitri Snowden are back together

Seeking Sister Wife’s Ashley Snowden has confirmed that she’s back together with her husband Dimitri Snowden.

The Snowden family, who practice non-religious polygamy, appeared on two seasons of Seeking Sister Wife (seasons 2 & 3.)

Dimitri Snowden legally married Christeline “Chrissy” Petersen at the end of season 3. The legal marriage was necessary so Christeline could emigrate to the United States from South Africa.

Soon after the marriage, however, Chrissy accused both Ashley and Dimitri Snowden of abuse and she and Dimitri divorced.

Then, Ashley and Dimitri, who share three children together, separated. Now, it looks like things are back on for the controversial couple.

Ashely shared the news in a long post on social media on Thursday, October 20, 2022. In the post she reveals she is “not single anymore,” and has reconciliated with Dimitir. She asked for forgiveness and mercy and says she and Dimitri have gone through years of therapy in order to heal their relationship.

“So I’m actually not single anymore,” Ashley said in her update post. “I have briefly mentioned in the past about reconciliation with Dimitri and that has also been something that has been a blessing and it’s specifically tied to my faith walk with Christ. And just like, understand this concept of like, this … responsibility of forgiveness, OK?”

“We want God to forgive us for the things that we do and the hard heart that we’ve had, and yet we are so unwilling to forgive each other. People really struggle with forgiveness and I get it because it’s just some dark matter, right? It’s some dark matter that we’re dealing with in this world and I know that I’ve done some things in my life that I would want people to forgive me and who am I not to forgive someone else?”

“And so, when I think about just the mercy and the grace that God has had on my life and when I think about my family and my children and when I think about just this world that we’re living in and the transformation and the transitions and all those things that I’ve gone through and I want the same for him,” Ashley added. “I want to give us that chance and it wasn’t an easy choice. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh yes, let’s go, let’s get back into the saddle.’ No. It’s taken us time, therapy, interaction, it’s taken tears, it’s taken acknowledgement, it’s taken apologizing and going back over some of the stuff that you just don’t want to go over. Like, it’s taken so much and that healing had to happen at the same time where our names [were] being dragged through the mud separately and together. I just feel like at this point in my life, I can’t carry anger and resentment and hurt and pain any longer. There’s no room for that. ”

Images via Ashley Snowden, TLC

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