Kim Menzies and ‘Sojaboy’ Usman Umar to have sister wives in Nigeria just for children, not for love

33-year-old Nigerian rapper Usman “Sojaboy” Umar is back for yet another 90 Day Fiancé franchise. He started out on Before the 90 Days with Lisa Hamme, an American woman 23 years older than him. After that relationship imploded, he came back with another older woman from the U.S.: Kimberly Menzies. Now it looks like Kim and Sojaboy might be taking on a second wife to have his children.

Kim says she slid into Usman’s DMs and didn’t expect a response. Usman surprised her when he immediately video-called her back and they ended up talking for hours.

“I started out as ‘fan,’ then I became ‘super-fan,’ then I became ‘friend,’ then I became ‘potential,'” Kimberly says about her progression with Sojaboy. Then, Usman invited her to Tanzania, where he was shooting a music video, and she saw this as her chance to progress from “potential girlfriend” to “girlfriend.” She also brought him thousands of dollars of gifts in a new Apple computer and a PS5 (Playstation 5.)

Things were going well, but Kim became upset when Usman refused to be intimate with her. Eventually, though, Sojaboy pronounced Kimberly his “girlfriend” and gave her one of the best nights of her life.

Things fell apart when Kimberly found out Usman had been dating another woman the entire time. He had recorded a music video during Kim’s trip for his single titled “Zara.” Usman initially told Kim that it was just a made-up name for a song, but the truth was that Zara was very real, and she was dating Usman.

Despite the fact that Usman had another girlfriend, Kimberly still wanted to make things work with Usman at the end of the trip. At the Tell All, Kim found out that Usman had called Zara again and she left the stage in tears. “It hurt me,” she says.

After that, Usman kept calling Kim to apologize and invited her Nigeria. Kim says she loves him and wanted to see if they had a future. She says when she visited Usman in Nigeria he “treated me like a total queen.”

“And now I am 100% confident in my relationship with this man,” Kim says. “He has proven it to me time and time again. Or, as he says ‘Time without numba.’ I love when he says that.”

During episode one of Season 7 of Happily Ever After Kimberly updates her best friends Alyssa and Vanessa about her trip to Nigeria. The first thing she tells them is she got her teeth whitened because Usman had told her her teeth were yellow while in Nigeria.

She also tells them that she and Usman “got so close” during her trip and that he invited her back to meet his mom. She also reveals that she plans to propose to Usman when she goes back.

Kim explains that she would use the K-1 visa to bring Usman to the United States, and that Usman would eventually get a second wife who Usman could have children with. This second wife and her children, however, would not live in the U.S. with Usman and Kim. “They’re not gonna come live with me,” Kimberly says.

To be honest, it sounds like if this really happens, Kimberly and Usman might be good candidates for TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife. The relationships on that show preport to have egalitarian roles between the women, but Kimberly is open about wanting to be the queen atop a hierarchy of wives.

“I’m the first wife, right?” Kimberly says. “I get all the love. I get all the good stuff.” This mindset seems like a recipe for disaster. She’s not only asking to have special privileges, but asking for “all the love,” which means none for the other woman who would be having children for Usman. This sounds like she’s viewing the potential second wife as a breeding machine and not another human who also needs love and attention.

Her friend Alyssa agrees. She thinks that there’s no way Usman would have separate feelings, or no feelings at all, for the mother of his children. “And I think Kim is being unrealistic about him being able to separate feelings completely from this woman.

“I know it sounds crazy, but women there are like brought up to do this,” Kimberly says, implying that the second wife would come from Nigeria, not the United States.

When her friends continue to press her about the fact that Usman would want to be near his kids, Kimberly gets angry and storms off from the dinner table.

Last week Usman published a clip of Kimberly from the new episode with the caption:

“Our new chapter, God Bless our hustle amen 🙏🏾#90DayFiance

What does he mean by “hustle” in this context?

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