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BLONDE Movie: Did Marilyn Monroe have a threesome with Charlie Chaplin Jr. and Edward Robinson Jr.?

The Netflix movie Blonde and its 1999 source material novel of the same name by Joyce Carole Oates take a number of liberties with the facts of Marilyn Monroe’s life. One of the biggest exaggerations involves Charlie “Cass” Chaplin Jr. and Edward Robinson Jr. Did Marilyn’s polyamorous relationship with them really happen? Did she really get an abortion?

VIDEO Courtney Stodden shows off acting skills as crack-addicted prostitute Tamra Munn

Teen bride Courtney Stodden has been obsessed with trying to look like her hero Marilyn Monroe for well over a year, and now the 21-year-old is trying to mimic Marilyn in another way: by becoming an actress. Keep reading to watch Courtney's portrayal of Tamra Munn, a crack-addicted prostitute from Oklahoma City who had her virginity sold to a man at a Fort Worth truck stop for $500 by her own mother.

VIDEO The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe Lifetime miniseries trailer

Earlier this month we shared the first photos of actress Kelli Garner as Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming Lifetime miniseries based on the icon's troubled off-screen life, and now we have the very first trailer! Keep reading to watch the clip, which includes Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon as Marilyn's troubled mother Gladys. Plus, see more photos of Kelli's amazing transformation into Marilyn.

1ST PHOTOS Lifetime miniseries The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe starring Kelli Garner and Susan Sarandon

Lifetime continues giving female entertainment icons the miniseries treatment, this time enlisting the help of of Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon for The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe set to air May 30 and 31st. Susan will play Marilyn's mother Gladys Mortenson, who spent a great deal of time in an institution due to mental illness, and actress Kelli Garner (The Aviator, Pan Am) will take on the role of Norma Jeane Mortenson, aka Marilyn Monroe. Keep reading for more info on the miniseries and see the first official photos of the cast, including Emily Watson as Marilyn Monroe's childhood guardian Grace McKee and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Joe DiMaggio.