SISTER WIVES Robyn accidentally admits the truth?

At the end of Episode 9 of Season 18 of Sister Wives, which airs tonight, Christine tells Kody, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle that she has sold her house and is leaving in a week. Janelle is happy for Christine, but Robyn is triggered and reads something into the situation that inadvertently reveals the truth of the situation that she’s always unwilling to admit.

In this conversation, Christine is explaining to Kody that some of the family’s adult children (who she does not name to protect their privacy) had come with her with concerns about her marriage to Kody. She says they have asked her why she didn’t leave because they have seen Christine struggling in her marriage to Kody since Las Vegas.

“The kids were like, ‘It looked like in Vegas that you and dad weren’t really close anymore,'” Christine explained.

“In Vegas?” Robyn says. “K, that’s a lie. Because I remember the conversations. I remember what was going on.” Then Robyn brings up the fact that Janelle and Kody were working on their relationship, which had nothing to do with what Christine said. She also brought up the fact that Christine and Kody had some fun dates in Vegas and then speculates that they were “faking it” in front of Robyn.

Christine is confused why Robyn is accusing her of lying, and even Meri was confused by Robyn’s outburst. All the confusion comes from the fact that Robyn thought Christine said something she didn’t say, possibly because Robyn was expecting her to say it and had her defense ready to respond. The only problem is that Christine didn’t say what Robyn thought she said.

Robyn claims that Christine said that Robyn and Kody’s relationship was the only working relationship in Las Vegas. Christine never said that. Christine never brought up anyone else’s relationship with Kody except her own.

Robyn possibly heard this because this is what she knows in her heart to be true and she is always on the defense against this obvious truth. Everyone sees it without having to speak it, including the children in the family and the viewers of their television show. The fact that Robyn defended against it without anyone even saying it shows she knows it to be true as well.

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