SISTER WIVES This is how Kody hurt Christine 12 years ago in Lehi, Utah while she was pregnant with Truely

During Christine and Kody’s intense sit-down conversation about the end of their over 25-year marriage Christine brought up that their problems had been going on since they lived in Lehi, Utah 12 years ago. At the time they were filming season 1 of Sister Wives and Christine was pregnant with her daughter Truely. Kody remembers things differently.

Kody overromanticizes the Brown family’s time in Lehi, Utah when Christine, Janelle, Meri, and Kody all lived together with their 13 children. “All of Lehi was a beautiful experience, a blessing,” he says after Christine tells him that things have been bad for a while.

Christine then asks Kody if he remembers a very difficult thing that happened in Lehi, Utah. Kody is speechless and can’t recall anything, so Christine says “I asked you for help and you said no.”

She tells producers that her marriage with Kody started to “disintegrate” when she was pregnant with Truely. She then reveals a bit of information that Sister Wives viewers previously didn’t know: she had a night-time job at the time because she still needed to bring in income.

For a while, viewers have been under the impression that Christine mostly didn’t work and was most responsible for childcare. At this time she was still heavily responsible for the care of both her give (soon to be six) kids and Janelle’s younger children. Janelle’s oldest son Logan, who was a teenager, was also helping out with childcare. He’s seen making breakfast for his younger siblings and says he does this every day and even worries about the food budget.

During Christine’s “day in the life” footage, she isn’t shown going to work and Janelle makes a big deal about how nice it is that she gets to come home from work every day and have a meal on the table from Christine.

In reality, Christine was really struggling. She was pregnant and working at night. She says that she asked Kody to please tuck in her children every night while she was at work, but he declined and resented her for even asking this of him. Their daughter Aspyn, who Janelle says was ten at the time, would tuck her younger siblings in at night.

Kody says that looking back at the situation, he felt that Christine was wanted special privileges by asking him to tuck their children in bed while she was at work. “She was asking for stuff that I couldn’t give her,” Kody says. “Because I had other wives and other children to be tending to as well.”

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