SISTER WIVES Mykelti says her twins are ‘running out of room’

Sister Wives‘s Mykelti Patron is eagerly awaiting the birth of her twin boys with husband Tony. She was the only member of the Brown family who missed her brother Logan’s wedding last weekend, and for good reason.

Mykelti took to Instagram last night (October 28, 2022) to share an update on her pregnancy. She revealed that the babies are healthy, have hair and are over 5 lbs. each. Her belly is now measuring at what would be 47 weeks of a normal pregnancy, and she’s currently uncomfortable and having trouble sleeping.

Her babies could be born any day now for a possible Halloween birthday, but they may still wait a few more weeks.

“My twin boys are doing great. Baby A is measuring 5.13lbs Baby B is 5.7lbs which is above average for their current stage,” Mykelti shared. “They also have hair and are running out of room in there. My body/pregnant belly is measuring 47 weeks!!! That’s 7 weeks past a normal pregnancy. AKA I’m really uncomfortable and don’t sleep well. But I have anywhere from today to three weeks left, so there’s an end in sight. Then a whole new and exciting/difficult challenge starts.

Mykelti gave birth to the couple’s first child, daughter Avalon, in April 2021.

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